ORIGIN: Arabia
Height: from 1,45 m to 1,55 m.
CAPE: its cape pu to introduce different colors: bay, gray, sauro and morello. Pu to introduce signs in forehead and jumps some devout or less high.
Character: this horse concentrates in se' all the qualit searched in every race and type of horse and for this reason comes considered and used like miglioratore. Also the breeds devout specialized that they differ very from the standards of the Arabic Purosangue draw benefits and improvements from the contribution of this blood, that it confers devout they fineness to the shapes, the greater intelligence and nevrilit.
Physicist: it has a head of unmistakable beauty, a profile camuso, the wide forehead and bombata, eyes large and expressed to you, the orecchie very are planted and distanced between they: appuntite small and in the male, are instead a po' devout long in the female. The narici are large, thin and very distinguished, with large capacit of expansion, always in motion as of the rest it they are the eyes and the orecchie. The small snout with labbra thin. The profile of the zone of the nose and the labbra triangular in obvious and characteristic way: the first angle formed from the tip of the hem of the nose, according to from the tip of the tip of labbro advanced and the third party from the tip of the mento. The labbro inferior devout short of that advanced one. The ganasce, also not being heavy, they are sturdy, above all many opening to leave space the respiration. The incollatura, the throat, the neck, entirety forms an other much typical one and of great beauty. The rather prominente garrese. The sturdy and wide back, while the kidneys are short and muscolose, the high, long and horizontal rump; the tail, rather short, high and far capacity from the body with great elegance. The long shoulder and very tilted. The long and vertical omero, very wrapped from powerful muscles, the ginocchia wide and flat, the guns are strong and sturdy with good circumference. The relatively short and elastic pastorale, the large and round foot with one good nail. The posterior one very conformed and constitutes a propeller of prim' order. The garretti they are clean, of beautiful shape, large and low with tendini very distaccati and solid legamenti.


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The origin of the ancient Arabic horse, and pressoch impossible to reconstruct its history. Probably it comes down from wild ancestors who lived in the Arabic peninsula since it were glacial. Written the devout antichi in which they come cited of the coming from horses from southern Arabia go back to the 400 a.C. In the course of the centuries the Arabs have perfected this race, obtaining cos a horse a lot poured them. The climate, the feeding and a hard selection (are natural that artificial), have contributed to the creation of a horse from the exceptional dowries. In fact only extremely frugali, resistant and fast horses, could survive to the living conditions taxes from the climate and the cohabitation with a feracious and aggressive man like the Bedouin who inhabited these sconfinati spaces. These trib of Bedouins lived in continuous state of war with others trib, therefore after violent fights they followed hasty escapes. Inseparable companion of their adventurous life was the horse, indeed the giumenta poich they privileged the possession of the female to that one of the stalloni, revealing it devout resistant and guarantor of possible descendancys in a position to assuring the continuous possession of one cavalcatura. All it determined a life to us to the limits of the survival, in devout which only the strong ones can survive. The living conditions of these horses could carry or to the extinction of the species, or to a its continuous improvement. The fanatismo of the Bedouins for the purity of their horses, them preserv from contributions of foreign blood, producing the wonderful ones turns out to you that today we can admire. The Arab the first miglioratore of all breeds European and the determining state to the creation of the purosangue English. Beyond that in the countries of the Middle East, the best breedings find themselves in Polonia, Sweden, France, England, Spain, United States.

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