ORIGIN: France, Belgium (Ardenne)
Height: From 1,52 m to 1,60 m.
CAPE: Pu to find bay, ubero and sauro.
Character: E' a horse much calm cake and. Moreover it has good volont, to the capacity also of a child.
Physicist: Head has one much fort with wide profile. The particularly arch incollatura. The chest to define itself quite enormous, is as far as the amplitude is the profondit. The thorax and the posterior train are wide. The limbs are short and anch' enormous they, especially the garretti. The fetters are adorned from abundant forelocks of hairs. In the entirety it turns out a collected horse, massive and much muscoloso. In the case in which he is subordinate to a particularly poor feeding, avr a skeleton and one musculature devout to read.


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Many reasons are had in order to believe that the Ardennese race is that one praised from Cesar in its Commentaries to the Gaulish Beautiful De. Unfortunately for, not if of it they know the crossings that have carried to the complete definition of this subject. It remains however sure that it has taken from the massive horses of the Middle Ages and its lines of blood have of orient them and of the Belgian. During all its life has carried out important role in agriculture and was exported all over the world. Currently the subjects are in clean minority regarding the decades pass to you and this happens because of the advent of mechanization.

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