ORIGIN: Australia
Height: It does not have a precise height, but commonly it is gone around around to 1,60 m.
CAPE: The variet can be found in all, in any case the spots white women are much rare.
Character: The large one pregio wants it of being a great worker. E' also much intelligent and test, pu to be employed also in the sports with the saddleback.
Physicist: Ce is some with various characteristics. The better subjects have one straight head much energetic one with a profile, narici widths and long and careful orecchie. The solid and carried neck from strong shoulders. The deep chest, back and rump are powerful and muscolose. The limbs are thin, of medium length and solid.


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Even if the precise denomination of the Waler Australian Waler, must hold very present that not there no original subject of Australia. In fact the first ancestors of this race (a stallone, three giumente, puledro a male and two puledre of mostly Spanish blood) reached from Cape of Good Hope the arrival of first coloni in 1798. During the course of the 1800's they came imports from England some subjects to you of large pregio. Thanks to the warm and dry climate, the rich pastures and go to you favored the increase of the breeding of horses and therefore, first they reproduced themselves without problems. In 1810 in Australia 1,134 subjects were available and, only ten years after, were very 4.564. As a result of Arabic and English the crossings with Purosangue were obtained, at the beginning of XIX the century, one horse that was similar the Anglo-Arab as far as the morphology very. These subjects were above all appreciate as horses to you from saddleback and were many demands from the present English cavalry in the Indians. In the course of XIX the century the Australian Waler and gradually losing strength itself because of the race to the gold, that it made to forget the job in the small farms and, therefore, also the horses came abandon to you to if same and they coupled without control some. To only leave from the end of XIX the century, exactly around to 1880, when the gold had enriched various persons, they were begun to value the race and the breeding of the race horses, and the Waler recommences to improve. To the beginning of XX the century this race tocc its apogee like horse from saddleback, even if with the advent of the automobile and then of mechanization in kind, had a landslide is qualitative is quantitative.In the period of the First World war the Waler knew its better period. In fact if they exported some from India, from Africa from Palestine and Europe very 120,000 exemplary. Ended the war these subjects could not be repatriate poich in Australia vigeva the quarantine to you and therefore they were massacres to you in great number in the desert for order of the government. In the same period, honor of this extraordinary animal.

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