Official Lorigine of the race Avelignese (Haflinger) laughed them to the 1874 year in which in Val Venosta (South Tirolo) nacque stallone Folie 249 from the connection between the purosangue orients them El Bedawi XXII and one cavalla aboriginal.
They give it to origin zone the diffused Haflinger with par intensit is to north, Austria and Germany is on all the national territory comprised the South Italy where selection nuclei appear gi nei first years del current century.
Currently the Avelignese comes raised in all the continents, comprised Australia, where it demonstrates not common dowries of adattabilit.
In Italy currently the stimabile population in beyond 13.000 heads.

The Haflinger a horse of medium stature, balanced in the diameters, elegant in the portamento, lively, docile to the sure commando and in the sailing point.
The cape sauro, to prefer in the golden gradazione, with horsehairs and tail clearest characteristic these that tied to the espressivit typical of the Arabic progenitore easy render it recognizable and appreciable also to the less demanding ippofili.


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The Genealogico Book of the horse of Avelignese race be instituted with D. M. 15.6.1973.
The selection is proposed to value the dowries of docilit, resistance, nevrilit, attitude to the attivit of equestre tourism, through the choice of stalloni and fattrici that genetically transmit to the descendancys these characteristics.
For being enrolled to the genealogico Book of Race and to have the qualification of riproduttore the candidate must possess genealogici requirement biometrici and estimated to you. Those genealogici are relati you to the possession of five generations of ancestors of pure race.
Those biometrici to possess a minimal Height of cm 134 for female and 137 cm for i males.
The genetic improvement of the equine race Avelignese passes through the rigorous application of a riproduttivo outline that it diffuses in the population, with always greater frequency, subjects answering to the characteristics delineated from objects to you that the selection means to pursue.
The reproduction, technical moment in which comes operated the selection, guaranteed from the minimal sufficient number of stalloni covering the requirementses in mounts natural and artificial of the race. Such number comes defined annually from the C.T.C. in function of the fattrici to it mounts and their distribution on the national territory. The park stalloni comes moreover renewed with a rhythm that at the same time guarantees an adapted exploitation of the stalloni miglioratori without to neglect necessary the reciprocation generational. Also the number of the young people stalloncini that rimontano the park stalloni comes defined annually from the C.T.C. holding in consideration the riproduttive requirements of the race.
National LAssociazione, by means of appropriate deliberates, identifies the re-entering animals annually nelle defined categories mother and fathers stalloni of stalloni. These animals, through programmed connections, produce to the subject males candidates to the rimonta of the park stalloni.
The choice of the defined riproduttori mother and fathers stalloni of stalloni comes operated from the Technical Commission Centers considering them in independent way two characters objects you of selection: the development and the morphology. For both these characters the selection takes advantage of the appraisals BLUP-Animal Model for the Height and linear the morphologic characters who annually the National one elaborates in official shape.
Between all the stalloncini been born from programmed connections and subordinates to linear morphologic appraisal to thirty months of ET, the best ones will come chosen to assign to the rimonta of the park stalloni in the number defined from the Technical Commission Center them. Beyond to the stalloncini produced from the programmed connections, the Technical Commission Centers them potr to take in consideration also a limited number of subjects been born from other connections, purch with genetic indices for the advanced development and morphology to thresholds annually defined from the same Technical Commission Centers them.


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