ORIGIN: North Africa, Algeria and Morocco
Height: from 1,40 m to 1,50 m
CAPE: Dark bay, sauro burnt, sauro, morello and gray.
Character: E' a docile and brave horse.
Physicist: The long and refined head, from the rectilinear profile. The shoulders are flat. The spiovente rump and the tail have a rather low junction. The limbs are long, thin, but strong. In the entirety it is introduced like a solid horse. Its great dowry that one to please itself of a poor feeding is of quantit is of qualit.


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The Berber one of the breeds devout used in order to strengthen the others. It was imported from Spain in IX the century, to continuation of the invasion of the Moors, and through the crossing with the Spanish horses it gave origin to the Andalusian. Later on the Turks occupied the part orient them of the Mediterranean and the Berber coast remained to along opened to the commerce. During this period the merchants, that they arrived from every country, imported the horses Berbers, that they came intercrosses with many others to you breeds. Carl II of England, in 1662, had, like wedding present from part of the moglie, the port of Tangeri and for all the duration of its dominion (22 years) a great number of horses Berbers was capacities in Great Britain. From the crossings with the breeds local, improvements were obtained are as far as the robustness are the velocit. The Berbers divennero cos the progenitori of the English Purosangue.

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