The Buoy Constrictor one of the common devout snakes that they can be found in commerce. enough easy to raise and its dimensions enough they are reduced for being a costrittore and catches up approximately 2,5 meters.

Where It lives :possiamo to find the buoy in some states of the America they and of the south and in the Antilless centers. Often the zones that accommodate this snake are various, go from the humid forests to barren steppes.

. Caratteristiche: The buoy Constrictor characterized from a black romboidale design and brown on a background color sand, in kind the region of the tail differs for the color red mattone of the rumbles, and for that in English buoy is called "red-tail". an animal mostly to crepuscolare or nocturne.


No breeding to signal
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It loves to scramble up on trees or full of rocks shelves.
It catches up the maturit sexual to approximately three years.
ovoviviparo and it give birth from the 15 to the 40 small for time.

Pu living until 30 years.
It eats mainly small mammals.
In nature its diet comprises also amphibious, lucertole, other snakes and birds. To catch up the 25 Kg of weight.

In Italy the buoy needs of a called document of accompanyment CITES, this perch one species in via of protect extinction and like such from the Convention for the protection of the international commerce.

Before acquiring rectums them you inquire yourselves on the dimensions that to catch up from adult and do not believe who to say that that one to you a copy of small dimensions.

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