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ORIGIN: France
Height: From 1,60 m to 1,64 m.
CAPE: The common cape devout the gray, but finds also sauro and bay.
Character: E' a energetic horse much and intelligent one. It possesses a physicist who supports it during the job and an exceptional calm.
Physicist: E' a horse from shooting much elegant one, has lines similar to the Percheron. It has a thin, noble head, with a profile that pu leggermente concave rectilinear being or, remembers that one of the Arab vaguely, with small and alert orecchie. The powerful incollatura, the strong and deep body. The back is introduced insellata and finished with a posterior train much fort. The limbs are short and muscolosi, and they are not adorns you from forelocks, to the contrary are introduced with little hairs. The criniera, instead, abundant and the serico cape. The harmonious and elegant sailing point.


No breeding to signal
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The origin of the Boulonnais orients them. This ancestry explains its noble sailing point, also perch be joined to blood Andalusian in the Middle Ages. Until met century the Boulonnais it was famous perch transported the fresh fish from Boulognesur-Mer until Paris, with colorful carts. To these they came attacked the cavalle of small ransom devout. The physical conformation, its power and its ransom derive from the antichi horses of Europe of the North. E' a horse to admire, not only for its nobilt, but also for the precious ones servigi that it offers to the inside of the small farm in which comes impigato. The pure subjects, than today live thanks to some get passionate to you, introduce, on the left side of the neck, one marchiatura to fire to shape still, posizionata to 15 cm from the ear and devout the possible one close to the criniera.

This card be sended to us from Alfeo R.