ORIGIN: Australia
Height: it does not have a defined height.
CAPE: It has variable capes, poich not subject to one precise selection.
Character: E' the typical wild horse, equipped of the great intelligence and also for this nearly impossible to capture it and therefore to train it.
Physicist: Not definable E' one race. The only characteristic that somewhat joins them the fact to be deteriotated.


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The argument approximately the origin of the Brumby has beginning gi as far as the name. In fact the certainty if is not had drifts from a pioneer breeder of name James Brumby or from an aboriginal word, "baroomby", that it means "wild" or from the name of a insenatura of the Queensland, Baramba. During XIX the century, when scaten the race to the gold, many domestic horses were abandon to you and they were coupled with the wild branches, losing strength itself. Usually, the horses accustom living to you with the man, leave you the state brado, resist alone if much intelligent and particularly resistant. In the case of Australia, for, we find ourselves of forehead to a rather favorable climate, than aiut to make to increase in considerable way the equine population, to the point that divenne a threat for agriculture. To giving the grace blow it was mechanization, that it made to free other horses become useless to the man. Therefore the Brumby was thought a serious problem, poich destroyed the praterie, the recinzioni and scared the little domestic horses. Then in order to try to diminish of the number, they came killed with guns, through holes, traps and around to the 1960 came even exterminate to you also with the aid of the jeep and with the light aviation. Currently they are little numerous and difficult to train to such point that is not worth the pain to engage itself in such sense.

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