The hunting with the ferret


The large one agilit and limprevedibilit in the race, labitudine to hide lessened suspicion, leccezionale development of the senses and linnata scaltrezza render the rabbit a hunting subject never difficult how much. The relative one densit of selvati to us giova to the hunter in how much an animal in escape, not striking sonorously the land with the posterior ones, puts in alarm all the surrounding companions who hurry to earn the lairs. In Italy, above all in Sicily where wild the relatively abundant one, the classic hunting that one that is made with the ferret, one risen of skunk held in cattivit. The hunters, characterized the lair, of it close with cure all the orifices, except one or two. They introduce therefore the ferret which, ghiotto of blood, pursued the wild one in several the cunicoli and forces it to exit through the remained openings free. The rabbit escapes zigzagando, fastest, and the hunters must tirargli dimbracciata. This method, in France, gi in the past century had varied with lapposizione of nets to the escapes of the lairs. Today such prohibited unsportsmanlike shape.