I l dog of the prateria from the black tail, Cynomys ludovicianus, a Roditore of the Family of the Sciuridi. Of the five species existing of devout dogs of the prateria that abundant one and, from the wide distribution devout, the south of Canada to the borders with Mexico.
The dogs of the prateria, if it adopts to you from small, constitute optimal animals from company, are curious and official notices to you, but they demand much affection and attentions, perch sopportano the solitudine.
Natural habitat and behavior to the wild state

The dog of the prateria from the black tail alive in colonies or citt' that they go from one to various migliaia of acres.
Their natural habitat constituted from immense grassy plain areas, in which they dig of the systems of lairs basements.
The lairs can catch up the 5 meters of profondit and being long until 30 meters. They comprise various rooms, between which in which they sleep and they take cure of the small. They are social animals much;
They are diurnal animals, that they pass the day feeding itself, digging lairs and cultivating the social relations. When the external temperature much high one remains within the lairs.
To the natural state the diet constituted for three quarters of grass, while in autumn, being the grass less available, consumes the plants to leaf mainly. During the winter they consume any type of vegetable available.
Anatomical and physiological characteristics
The average life in cattivit of 10 years.
I recorded are to continuous increase.
They possess long nails much that they demand of being often shortened.



No breeding to signal
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The natural diet of the dogs of the prateria we have said that it comprises mainly comprises hay, leaves and grass; the animals held in cattivit would have to eat hay and grass good sand bank of qualit (cio without treatments pesticides) with adding one small every day (approximately two teaspoons from caff) of pellets possibly affixed to you for dogs of the prateria (than they can be found in the storees specializes to you for animals). If the pellets were not found in commerce specific they can acquire those for the rabbits that for must have following requirement: they must contain approximately 2700 cal/kg, the 16-20% of proteins, the 2-5% of devout fat people and of 20% of fibers. The diet pu to be integrated with some piece of fruit of season like as an example apple, pear, peach and some alimony vegetables like carrots, potatoes, insalate (important if somministrate before insalata to wash it, to dry it and to make it seccare for some day to the sun or on a heater); the important thing devout to which lend attention that all contains many fibers. Wanting they can be given as golosit to the dogs of the prateria also sand bank yields, walnuts, noccioline, nocciole, etc, but it does not have to exaggerate perch are not much healthy to cause dellalto contained of fat people and proteins and the deficiency of alimentary fiber; therefore it does not have to exceed the dose of 2 or 3 pieces to the maximum 2 times to the week.

To times in summer or autumn, when the screw, the rovo, malva and the others can be reperire leaves of trees from fruit or not toxic plants like, they can seccare and be given to the dogs of the prateria like integration to the usual men. Attention for that all the one which dates to your friend is not sprayed with poisons or that they are not the same leaves to being velenose.

In a generalized manner the adequate mixture for a dog of the prateria would have to be:

25% of crocchette of bran (can be found in the supermarkets in the unit first breakfast)

25% of pellets

40% of seed mixture several for criceti

10% yield and fresh verdura.

For every animal they are sufficient approximately three full spoons from minestra to the devout day of this mixture one manciata of hay (also this reperibile in the supermarkets or storees specialize to you). The hay a food that pu to somministrare itself to volont. advisable to leave disposition of the animals a pezzetto of apple, carrot or potato for somministrare also it feeds freschi (attention not to exaggerate).

Moreover better to put in the cage pieces or tronchetti of wood in order to allow to the animals of molarsi the teeth.

As far as the drink enough to apply to the cage one bottle of drinking trough automatic rifle from which lanimale to use alone. In a generalized manner however in nature the dogs of the prateria drink very little and draw the necessary liquid from the food.

The important thing devout that every change in the diet happens in moderated way, with alimentary fiber prevalence in order not to cause to nellanimale gastroenterici problems.


In order to take in arm a dog of the prateria without fargli badly it is raised with a hand for the front part GO BACK TO LIST legs and with the other it is supported under posterior legs.

If the animal a lot scared tried to little accustom it to your hands to the time, even dandogli pezzetti than verdura or yields, absolutely does not have corrergli GO BACK TO LIST, could be scared and cause fractures.

The dog of the prateria answers better to a light and delicate touch and a kind approach.

Sistemazione and cures

The dogs of the prateria have need of spaziose cages. Therefore when we decide to acquire of one better to fortify itself preventively than cage, mangiatoia for the hay, ciotola for the food, birdcage tray for the water, nest (pu to go also one scato it of cardboard well).

In a generalized manner a cage for rabbits goes well also that is found easy in the storees specializes to you. The minimal of the cage of 60x40 cm, but if devout better great measure.

E' important to insert in the cage of the small houses, the tubes in PVC or the cortecce hollow in order to recreate the lairs and the galleries basements.

The small houses serve the dog of the prateria also in order to sleep and in order to shelter itself in the case it is felt threatened. The small houses can also be constructed in wood.

The bottom of the cage better that it is rigid and of plastic for being cleaned up easy. Like lettiera on the bottom of the cage better to use hay, straw, sawdust, trucioli or paper. The sawdust goes well of whichever type: of usual that one for roditori to the supermarket is found.

The pulizia of the cage and the accessories of fundamental importance, necessary to at least remove two times to the week the hay and the deep dirt.

If during the summer capacities the cage to the open fairies attention to the heat blows, the dogs of the prateria of are subject, better to repair the cage from the direct sun.

Like periodic cures for the dog of the prateria there the control of the length of nails: if they are too much long must cut them, in order to make this it is necessary a sure experience, otherwise risked to recidere one of is gone blood that is found to the inside of the nail. And also the teeth are from controlling: if they were not sufficient legnetti and the block of minerals for limarseli necessary to cut them, otherwise the animal not to succeed devout to eat; in order to make this operation better to address to a veterinary, in order not to cause ulterior damages to the mastication.


The dogs of the prateria catch up the maturit sexual to 2-3 ET years, before in cattivit.
The duration of the 30-35 pregnancy days, with small a medium number of 5 (ranges 2-10). The small are born much unripe, knots and with the eyes sluices.
The female has a single delivery to the year.