Heavy the Italian Agricultural Horse from Shooting Express


In our country to the end of the past century it went making oneself always devout felt the requirement of being able to decide of a heavy equine stock of national production adapted is to the agricultural jobs that to the shooting, In effects, the agricultural companies of the Po Plain came habitually raise horses to you of heavy type without that there was a precise racial address. They were therefore you execute experiments of crossing introducing stalloni pertaining to breeds from famous devout shooting and the job (Bretone, Ardennese, Belgian, Percheron, breeds English).
The best ones turn out to you qualitati to you were caught up with the riproduttori Norfolk-Bretoni; consequently, to leave from the first decades of the century, the address of production for the greater part of the plain zones of the circoscrizione of the Stalloni Warehouse of Ferrara (province of Ferrara, Veneto and Friuli) identific with the employment of the stalloni bretoni in crossing with the local facts to us that were, in truth, of heterogenous origin (Hackney, breeds from local shooting French or more rather Belgian, populations, etc). To leave from the 1927 pot to give start to the official selective control of these productions.
The successive selective mestization of the said products origin to a stock to if being that, in the years succeeded you to the Second World war, it came called: Heavy Italian Agricultural horse from Shooting Express.

Selective evolution and situation put into effect them
Original Lobiettivo of selection was identified with a morphologic type of medium-heavy size of the adult alive weight of approximately 600-700 Kg. equipped of remarkable nevrilit and brilliance of movements and adapted, therefore, to the job but also to the type express. This objective remained immutato until to years ' 70 when the process of motorization of our country divenne capillary diffused and the employment of the which animal horse from job lost therefore progressively of importance.
Therefore to leave from the end of years ' 70 assisted to a process of selective reconversion of the race that has carried to emphasize the vocation to the production of the meat not omitting for those characteristics of morphologic correctness, elegance and above all of nevrilit and brilliance of movements that constitute the base of the original selective patrimony. Currently the genealogico Book of the Italian Agricultural Horse from T.P.R. it counts 4,500 heads enrolled in approximately 800 breedings distributed in various regions. The main zones interested to the selection are represented from the historical river basin (Veneto, Emilia Romagna, Friuli), from the Umbria, the Lazio and the Abruzzi; numerous presences are recorded also in Puglia, Campania and Tuscany.
It objects you of selection preview subjects vocati to the production of the meat and the tiro/lavoro.
Through the selection cure also the lattifera production of the fattrice so as to to favor the express development of the puledri; moreover a particular attention mail to the facilit of delivery and the regolarit of the riproduttiva career of the cavalle.
A remarkable importance, beyond to the elegance, comes finally come to an agreement to the morphologic correctness and the nevrilit so as to to guarantee suitable subjects to remain in career to along with obvious advantages for the costs of rimonta. Beyond to the production of the meat it does not go neglected the original employment like animal from job that, seppur become secondary, be completely abandoned especially in montani atmospheres where does not turn out difficult the employment of mechanical means.

Genetic appraisals
In 1995 the Genealogico Book has realized and published the 1 cycle of elaboration of the genetic appraisals. The adopted model a BLUP ANIMAL MODEL opportunely adapted to the requirements and the situation of the race. Currently one has therefore the esteem of the genetic value of the subjects enrolled for all the 14 morphologic characters comprised in the linear card. Moreover thought opportune to create a Total Genetic Index (IGC) that it collects the fine main aspects to selective:


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TOTAL GENETIC INDEX = 0,3 genetic value nevrilit/movimento + 0,1 genetic value espressione/distinzione + 0,4 genetic value incidence muscular masses + 0,1 genetic value front diameters + 0,1 genetic value posterior diameters.

In an only index they are themselves therefore arranges to you, with opportune coefficients, 5 relating characters are to the "value meat" of the subject that to the correctness aspects and morphologic elegance.
Every year the genealogico Book supplies to realize the modernization of the genetic appraisals and the publication of the data. From 1995, finally, be activated the service connections he guides and purchase to you of stalloni that, thanks to the disponibilit of the genetic appraisals, concur to supply suitable indications to the breeders in the choice of the stallone with which coupling the own fattrici or of the riproduttore to acquire for just the breeding.

we thank Mr. Pino Rigoni for the realization of this card