(the frog from wide mouth)

order Anuri
sottordine Proceli
family Leptodactylidae
Kind Ceratrophrys
Species C. adorned; C. cranwelli; C.testudo; C. cuckold; C.calcarata;C. aurita; C. joazereirensis; C. stolzmanni.

Origin : The greater part of this species of "cuckold frogs" lives in the pluviali forests, is of mountain that of plain (only a small number of species colonizes barren devout atmospheres) and its area of spread goes from the northern Argentine to the Uruguay, until the Brazilian River region Great du Sol.

Morphology and Biology : They can catch up until 20 cm of diameter, have an enormous mouth in proportion to the body, this then encloses a great language and many sticky that it projects to the outside in order to capture:lucertole, topolini and other frogs pulling them to the inside of the enormous mouth supply of very many teeth revolts to GO BACK TO LIST that they prevent to preda whichever possibilit of escape. Our friend that much dynamics has a life in fact does not pass to great part of its life seeds buried in the mud, where she waits for the passage of some unaware of "preda" Pu living also until 20 years


No breeding to signal
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In cattivit it has need of a terrario of modest dimensions just for not remarkable its dinamicit, on the bottom andr put of torba the much humid one and covered of a moss layer come feeding also in cattivit it has need of many prede lives beginning from tarme of the flour when they are small until passing to lucertole and topolini from adults

Curiosit : They have a scodo bony GO BACK TO LIST the head that once renders it unattackable from the predators that interrata.Come all the frogs sleep with the open eyes and often go in dumb and such period in which changes the skin manger and does not go left in peace.

species demanded from MARIATERESA M. (CE)