On the left the male to right the female


Raised ancient race in Italy from devout of 22 centuries. Native of a fertile plain of Italy Centers them, the Val di Chiana, situated between the Tuscany and the Umbria, from which it has taken the name, diffusing itself then in all the province of Italy Centers them, crossing in the years after the Second World War, also the oceans in order to catch up the South America, Australia, Canada, the United States. Giant of the species, whitest and noblest in its morphologic perfection, mail to the international attention for an only genetic patrimony to the world: to the characteristics of somatico gigantismo, rapidit of increase, precocit, it conjugates an extreme resistance to environmental conditions them difficult and large facilit to the delivery, essential zootecnici factors for the production of lean commercially advanced meats perch and with excellent organolettiche characteristics. With of best the characteristics listed some make one of breeds the bovine ones from meat of the World.


The improvement of the race had beginning towards the met of the past century: the choice of the riproduttori executed exclusively on morphologic base aimed to obtain animals to twofold attitude: meat and job. Action of the true and own improvement had beginning in 1931, when the dynamics attitude came man secondary hand to the meat production. The selective addresses came modified towards animals with minor length of the limbs, greater development of the length of the log, and therefore of the region lumbar back, and one greater muscolosit of the rump, thigh and buttock. The necessit of having however productive always devout animals and answering to the requirements of the market they have pushed the selection of the last years towards a devout type of modern animal, towards the exaltation of the characteristics tied to the production of the meat. The A.N.A.B.I.C attraverso a modern and effective instrument like the Genetic Center, has started for the Chianina race a selective plan based on the devout ones advanced theories. The riproduttori males come select to you through the performance tests; selection criteria are: the capacit of increase, the muscolosit, the esteem of high yields to the slaughtering and the spolpo, in the respect of the tipicit of the same race. The choice of the females happens based on morphologic criteria, to the riproduttiva efficiency and in function of the maternal attitude, that is the capacit to make to grow the own sons in the phase of breast-feeding. The selection outline previews the employment then, in the programmed connections, of the best Tauruses tries to you in test of performance and the best ones vacche of the race indexed for the capacit, with devout the wide possible resource to the artificial fecondazione.


The selection outline represents the carried out synthesis of the attivit for the genetic improvement. It centralized on the genetic appraisal of the riproduttori males to assign to the I.A. through the performance test; the appraisal and the choice of the fattrici based on the capacit maternal and to the riproduttiva efficiency; the realization of connections aimed to you in order to accelerate the genetic progress ulteriorly; the control of the descendancys for the not noticeable characters directly in performance test.  


In the esteem of a riproduttore, Taurus is it or vacca, three are the parameters to take in consideration: produttivit, genealogia and morphology. In the bovines from meat, where the morphology also function, the morphologic appraisal assumes particular importance in how much allows us to estimate the capacit to produce woven muscular, therefore meat. In passed be attributed an excessive weight to particolarit aesthetic, presupposing nonexistent correlations between aspect and function and incurring unavoidablly in appraisals form them that they neglect the real morfo-functional value of the animal, outside from every logic of selection and genetic improvement. To the concept of "outer beauty" subentrato the concept of "beauty they works", finalized to the location of animals in possession of the morfo-functional characteristics in order to become optimal riproduttori, second the selective address that the Association mail. The first substantial modification be carried out in 1986 when the A.N.A.B.I.C ha introduced one new card of morphologic appraisal in which one attributes to a preponderant weight to the characters of muscular development regarding the other groups of characters (skeletal conformation and characteristics of race). The happened definitive carried out one with the review of the Standard of race; with the new Standard beyond that to address the selection towards analogous devout animals to the requirements of the market, intentional to pursue following objects to you: to give to the maximum prominence to the concerning characteristics the meat production; to use the principle semplicit in the exposure waves to avoid subjective interpretations.



The selection of the Chianina race has the scope to produce subjects with detached attitude to the production of the meat (remarkable velocit of increase, precosit and rendered to the slaughtering) with optimal bromatologiche and organolettiche characteristics, safeguarding capacit of adaptation to systems of pascolativo breeding and the good maternal attitude.


Type from meat characterized from GIGANTISMO SOMATICO, GREAT LENGTH OF LOG, LIGHT SKELETON. Nevrile, lively adaptable to atmospheres several and modest alimentary conditions.

The harmony of the proportions and the correctness of the shapes confer elegance and dignit. The type must endured to hit for the imposing size, length and height of the log, without trace some of grossolanit, appreciable from the reduced dimensions of the head and from the fineness of the skeleton. Of nevrile but docile temperament without signs of nervousness or aggressivit. They characterize the race elevates it to you every day increments in alive weight that, in the young males, can catch up and exceed the 2 kg/giorno and the weights of the adult subjects. What rare not to see Tauruses of advanced weight to 1600 kg and vacche of beyond 1000 kg.


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CAPE - White man china. Grey gradazioni digguse in the front parts of the body can be found.

PIGMENTAZIONE - The following parts must introduce black pigmentazione: eyelash and free of the eyelids, oral mucosae, region to perivulvare and perianal margin, nappa of the tail, bottom of the scroto, ribbon of pisciolare, musello, unghielli and head of the corna. The persistence of red hairs limitedly to the region of the sincipite ones, the grey tail and the partial depigmentation of the oral mucosae, are tolerated in subjects in possession of pregevoli morfo-functional requirement.

Fundamental ethnic character, the hair cape white men implants on cute pigmented determines the famous resistance to you to the solar irradiation. The eventual presence of gradazioni of color gray limitedly to the region of the neck and the shoulders does not have contours never defined and it does not have to give the impression of intense coloration, but it becomes part in harmonic way in the cape. Its often tied presence to the type of breeding (brado and semibrado). The presence of red hairs to the tolerated sincipite ones when the animal introduces excellent morfo-functional characteristics remembering that such character does not find origin in pregresse shapes of mestization but in the estrinsecazione batch processing line of present geniuses in the patrimony of the race. The pigmentazione very described.

CUTE - Pigmented, thin, easy sollevabile.

The fineness of the cute beyond that to affect the value remarkablly correct termoregolazione trades them of the carcass important in order to guarantee one. Giogaia and pisciolare they are extremely light, the neck furrowed from numerous vertical pliche that of it express the extreme fineness of the skin.  

HEAD - Light, distinguished, expressive with rectilinear frontonasale profile, musello wide, eyes to fior of head and lives to us. Corna short, rather thin to elliptic section, directed laterally and in ahead. Concurred E' the decornificazione.

Important the shape and the dimension of the box cranial it that goes estimated in function of the general size of the animal. Extremely light skull, harmonically inserted to the neck, with rectilinear profiles, stiff skin that allows to evidence the fine sculpture of craniofacciali boneses. Massetteri, develops to you, musello wide and very designed. Pronounced Espressivit, black eyes, live to us, attention, inserted to fior of head. Supplied wide ears of long and fine hairs, capacities horizontally, live in picking up the sounds to you of the atmosphere. The head the expression of the race and as such it goes estimated.

NECK - Short, muscoloso, with gibbosit somewhat pronounced in the Tauruses; muscoloso in the females; giogaia light.

The strong and muscoloso, rich neck of fine cutaneous pliche, harmonically inserted with the contiguous regions. Muscoloso, never esile is in the male who in the female. The Taurus introduces a gibbo moreover that of it it evidences the mascolinit gi in young ET. The giogaia light and never too much pronounced or lassa.

SHOULDERS - Wide, muscolose, very adherent to the log, parallels to the median sagittale plan and just angled.

The shoulder must be wide in order to constitute a wide base to the muscles that in it are attacked, very adherent to the log without rilasciamento therefore of muscles of the thoracic belt, very directed cio adherent to the thorax and very angled, cio forming an angle of just opening (115-120) with the omero.

GARRESE - Wide and muscoloso.

The garrese also supplying cuts of 3 qualit must however wide and muscoloso being, joined with continuit to the back.  

BACK - Along, wide and muscoloso.

The muscles that mark this region give cuts of 1 qualit: the longest ridge devout large and the devout ones along equal muscle of the body, and assume particular importance in how much, with to other muscles of the back-lumbar feature it supplies rich of woven muscular and poor cuts of connecting (bisticks). The back must therefore evidence to the maximum the woven presence of muscular, much to manifest the double one convessit.

LOMBI - Muscolosi, thick, wide, long. Rectilinear back-lumbar line.

They make part of this region, beyond to the longest one of the back, other sottolombari muscles that constitute cuts of 1 qualit: thread and controfiletto. As for the back also the lombi they must in a marked manner be muscolosi, wide, long, very it attacks you to the back and the rump. The line lumbar back must horizontal or light be tilted in posterior antero sense and to confer to the animal one feeling of power and skeletal vigor.

CHEST - Wide and muscoloso.

The chest must be wide and powerful, perch the amplitude of the chest contributes to increase the cavit thoracic, in a marked manner muscoloso, come down and convex.

THORAX - Wide and deep.

Of at least equal height to the distance arch sterno-ground with cost very. Region of extreme importance in how much expresses the development of all the cavit thoracic, therefore of the organs of the circolatorio and respiratory apparatus; it represents a setting up index of constitutional robustness.

VENTRE - Wide and supported.

FLANKS - Full, very it joins together to you with the contiguous regions.

They express the development of the cavit abdominal, must perci be wide, without to introduce the rilasciamento of the tunica and abdominal muscles. The inferior line must be pressoch rectilinear and parellela to that advanced one.

RUMP - Much muscolosa, developed in length and width: horizontal or with light antero-posterior inclination: little found sacrale thorn. Thin tail with regular attack.

The rump must be much developed width cio is in width that in length, much muscolosa in how much supplies cuts of 1 qualit. One wide rump also the guarantee of facilit to the delivery. Contrarily to thought how much in past, the ideal rump not that one perfectly levelled, but that one with a light inclination towards the ischi, position that facilitates the spillage of the clearing liquids. Particular attention dovr to be placed in the appraisal of the attack of tail and the sacred one, defects rather you attend in the race.

THIGH - Thick and convex, of emphasized muscular development.

BUTTOCK - In a marked manner convex.

Being the base of devout the important cuts of 1 qualit of extreme importance that these two regions express in obvious way the development of the muscular masses. The profiles will have to be therefore in a marked manner convex.  

FRONT LIMBS - muscolosi Appiombi corrected, arm and forearm. Solid and light Stinco.

The front limbs must be in perpendicularly perfect and resting on solid and strong feet. The stinco it must express skeletal fineness.  

POSTERIOR LIMBS - Appiombi corrected, dry and strong leg muscolosa, garretto, stinco solid and light.

Their function of extreme importance for the determining infuence that they perpendicularly have on the longevit of the animale.Devono to be strong and in perfect with garretto dry, without sinoviali deposits (vesciconi) and with tendini very visible. Also for the posterior limb the stinco it must express skeletal fineness.  

FEET - Strong, very locked, with high heels.

Also the foot covers particular importance on the longevit of the animal Deve to be strong, with unghioni very locked but above all with high heels. The strong, short fetter and very directed.  

MAMMELLA - Developed, vascolarizzata, to wide base. Regular quarters. Spongy to the tact. Capezzoli very direct and of just dimensions for breast-feeding.

Also not being the attitude of the race that one to produce latte however necessary that the vacca it is in a position to raising a year-old calf that to the weaning has a high weight. To such latte necessary aim such conformation and an abundant production of the mammella and the capezzoli that they do not provoke you attend problems pathological or traumati to us.

TESTICOLI - Proporziona, it develops to you and reductions to you in the scroto.

This card be supplied from Giuseppe Carli