Class: Reptilia
Sottoclasse: Anapsida
Order: Testudines
Sottordine: Cryptodira
Superfamily: Testudinoidea
Family: Emydidae
Sottofamiglia: Emydinae
Kind: Chrysemys
Species: Picta
Subspecies: beautiful



This turtle must its alive name to the coloration of piastrone that red with yellow designs and the olive, carapace instead the oval to dark cupola of color olive. The young devout exemplary introduce one light fairing to the center of the carapace that appiattisce with the increase until completely becoming absent in the adults. The legs are slaps perch these rectums them are optimal swimmers, their skin introduces a typical coloration to strisce yellow and green dark that arrives until on the head, the front neck and legs it introduces also of the strisce red. The desemplari measures adult go from i 10-13 cm of i males to i 20-25 cm of the females.



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The Chrysemys the diffused turtle devout of western the America North. From Canada to Florida we can find in lagos and the course dacqua discs of a valve to it.


Habits in nature

This species of prettamente aquatic turtle and and prefers living in small lagli or rivers from the slow course but pu to even find also in the tanks dirrigazione of the fields and in the points dabbeveraggio of the cattle. In any case constituted ideal Labitat in little deep lagos with the muddy bottom. These animals always live in practical nellacqua, but aroused the females are taken risks allasciutto in order to try a point in which depositing eggs, and they make it also for great distances, not difficult to find one of these rectums them that track of one tries to cross one road that costeggia a lago. As all the rectums them are animals to cold blood, for which they do not have a circolatorio system in a position to regulating their corporea temperature and therefore many hours pass crogiolarsi to the sun (basking) in order to recover energy after one long swim after one cold night or in order to digest the meal. The basking of usual they make it on semisubmergeeed log, scogli, or onthe river of the course dacqua. This they habit useful also in order to vanquish the small you adorned to you that they are hidden on the skin and in order to limit the formation of alghe and fungi on the carapace. And easy to see one turtle under the sun to lengthen the how much devout possible neck and to raise the limbs in order to offer devout superficial possible to the benefits solar beams. As many turtles the Chrysemys linverno passes it point in letargo, as the temperature comes down under the 15 the dellanimale metabolism slows down and the turtle becomes less active, to this tries a hiding place, of usual in the mud also sottacqua and cos it remains firm until to that the temperature not laughed them. The awakening must be graduates them, repentino an elevation of the temperature, pu is them harmful and also a riabbassamento of the temperature, after that lanimale exited from the letargo, pu to be fatal, we can say that letargo the rischiosa condition devout for one adult turtle. The Chrysemys is for sturdy animals much and devout climates are adapted also ai rigid, in America North have looked at turtles to swim under the ice film of a lago.


. Lalimentazione in natura

As gi we have seen for the Trachemys, the Chrysemys onnivora, but devout young carnivore when, and passes to one diet devout vegetarian with passing of the time. Sharing the places of distribution with other types of turtles, like trachemys or the graptemys, of it they share also lalimentazione; in fact, the preferred foods are larve dinsetti, small granchi, gamberi of river, worms, small fish, aquatic plants. . E una gran nuotatrice e per la caccia si pu spingere anche alla profondit di 2, 3 metri. The chrysemys the young devout exemplary are also a lot voraci above all, with let their energetic requirementses their increase diminishes and slows down cos also.


The reproduction

With the spring the males begin the courtship dance, making to vibrate fortified front the longest nail legs (until to 3 cm) in front of the snout of the female, laccoppiamento happen in water. The females can make from 1 to 2 depositions lanno, once ready for the deposition, the female tries the place for the nest and listinto the door to search the place used for generations, and this feeling cos strongly that the female pu to walk for days to risk of its life. When finally it finds the place just, with posterior legs it digs a hole of 10 15 cm, usual of night, and deposits from 5 to 15 eggs. Once covered the nest, the female abandons it, perch these rectums them not nutrono maternal feelings, for which in order at least 10 weeks the nest remains in nanny of predators and inclemencies. As gia we have seen the temperature decisive dincubazione for the determination of the sex of the small, if the temperature terr under 28 the 2/3 of the puppys are males, with advanced temperatures to 30 the 2/3 will be females, for temperatures comprised between the 28 and the 30 will have 50% of males and 50% of females. When the small to exit istinctively dalluovo cercher lacqua, even if does not see it to head close towards the place devout, and this one of the difficult devout moments for the turtles hardly been born perch many is the predators that wait for this moment. The sexual maturation comes caught up towards the 2 years for the males and towards the 5 for the females, while their average life in nature of 20 years.


. breeders in cattivit

As gi seen for other lideale species not inferior temperature dinverno to 2- 4 would be breeders in a small lake also many large of one profondit at least 60 cm in order not to guarantee in the bottom one. And for adviced against to insert in a small lake exemplary that does not have at least 18 24 months with I determine the proportions inferiors to i 10 cm. Given to their dimensions the terracquario for an adult turtle a zone emerged heated from a lamp spot for basking and a tube to specific neon for resisted them that it emits beams UVA-B, best must at least be 80x30 immancabile sar if pu to make to arrive of the sun beams directed on the bathtub, being made attention aroused that the temperature does not exceed the 35 harmful ones for these turtles. Lacqua must be maintained to a filtered temperature between the 23-25 with a filter with action is mechanics that biological and that has one capacity at least 4 times same the real volume dallacqua.


. Lalimentazione in cattivit

Also for the chrysemys they are worth the same rules that for trachemys, the food must be devout varied the possible one, remembering that they are onnivori animals, but in young devout ET they preprefer animal unalimentazione. The exemplary many small go feed two times to you to the day in order then to pass to one after approximately 6 months and finally to 3 times to week for the adult exemplary. The variet of foods that can be used large, from the lombrichi to the letterini from the camole of the flour to the larve of mosquito (chironomus) etc. for the verdure, the cicoria, the tarassaco, malva but also the string beans or capsicum, adviced against the fruit for too many contained sugars. Foods in pellet exist in commerce also of good qualit but of it we advise a use that does not exceed 25% of their diet. For the greater integration of the soccer requirementses we then advise to always hold in the bathtub a small cuttlefish bone that verr continuously rosicchiato.


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