The Elisabetta Collar


The Eliisabetta collar that species of funnel that looks at some times to the neck of dogs and cats and many times tears us a smile for the likeable "buffagine" of the animaletti that they wear it, but that for various pathologies or cures he turns out most useful if not quite indispensable, in order to avoid that the dogs the cats or the coniglietti grattino or lecchino sick or medicate zones.
The name the drift from Queen second Elisabetta whom it used to complete its vestizione with of the enormous collars or "collars" white men.

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1.         Using a spago preferibilmente gavetta, to measure the distance between the collar and the tip of the tartufo and you add to others 5 cm.

2.          To design a semicircle with equal beam to the length of the lace and, maintaining the same center, an other semicircle with 5 beam of cm.per a cat while of adapted measures for a dog based on the various ransoms of the same one.


3.         To cut the collar and to pierce it. They measure: if risulter too much strait, we will be able to refold the inner curve.

4.          To cover with doily or other padding linterno in order not to tear the skin the dellanimale neck and to connect.