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The coniglietto in the photo Matilda is called and the sweetest friend of TRILLY


  The two splendid ones coniglietti of Sara INDIANA and SHEEVA

I1 rabbit dwarf represents one variet of small ransom of the traditional domestic rabbit. Tipologie exist some various breeds and, unfortunately exist also innumerevoli not pure crossings, than from adults they can catch up dimensions that little they have to that to see with the race dwarf.

The determination of the sex in the not simple rabbit, especially in cucciolo of race the dwarf. For this reason opportune, endured after l.acquisto, to make to control the coniglietto from a veterinary.

The female of rabbit of medium ransom catches up the maturit sexual between the 3 and 6 months, while in variet the dwarf pu to be fertile gi to 3 or 4 months. The male conquest the maturit sexual to approximately 4 months, however does not catch up the flood fertilit until of 7 or 8 months. The gestation engages for approximately 30 days and In average 3 or 4 puppys are give birth. To the birth, the small weigh from 20 to 50 grams; they are glabri, they have the eyes and the orecchie sluices.


Introduction: prejudgments, wrong slight knowledge and all verit the sullalimentazione of the rabbit
What must eat the rabbit held in house like pet? And soon said: grass, or in lack of this, of the good hay and many verdure. The speech could be closed here, without need to add other. In realt the things to say they are unfortunately tantissime, perch the rabbits are nearly always feed to you in inadequate way of all and the irrazionale one: dry bread, seed mixtures, fioccati, carob beans, maize, yields sand bank and pellet of cereals. This type of feeding, although is much diffuse one, of the all mistaken and cause unfortunately frequent, serious and often irreversible problems. As very they know the veterinaries that they are taken care with competence of the rabbits pet, the overwhelming majority of the problems of health of these animals is caused, directly or indirectly, from unsuitable unalimentazione and would be therefore totally prevenibili somministrando one correct diet. The alimentary errors begin endured, hardly the coniglietto it arrives to the store that selling, where to the poor animal they come somministrati alimony manifactures to you made up of seeds and fioccati; they continue then in the new house in which lanimale andr to be, where for years continuous to being fed in totally foolish way, until arriving finally from the veterinary with the mouth by now which had.
If traditional lalimentazione, based on seed mixtures, fioccati, dry bread, cos deleterious for the health of the rabbits, perch continues to being inflicted to all the rabbits from company that enter and exit from the storees of pet? The reasons are various.
To times for pure ignorance, in the sense not acquaintance: old concepts, by now demonstrate to you completely mistake to you and exceed to you, continue to endure, perch lack the correct information. The scientific acquaintances sullalimentazione of the rabbit from affection have made steps from giant, but they do not arrive where they would have, and the wrong slight knowledge remains radicate very.
Sure a reason the convenience: for the owner devout simple to buy one scato it of seeds and to pour of a po in one ciotola, than to prepare one beautiful insalata mixed, cleaned up and fresh, or to have every day to go to collect not polluted grass. The devout companies that they produce eat to me have convenience to sell them, than to say that they are useless or harmful! The devout trader has convenience to sell scato them of eats to me, than to send the owner from the fruttivendolo. Lunico not to have some convenience the poor rabbit.
A last reason the fact that the caused serious devout damages from the alimentary errors do not look at that after months or years, and therefore lacks the perception a relationship cause effect, between the somministrazione of alimony it mistakes and the loss to you of health of the rabbit. And from years that eat these things, and it has not never had problems the frequent objection of the owners when one explains they that the large abscess to mandibolare that dulled the rabbit it depends on the mistaken diet.
The concept, natural and elementary, than the rabbit pu, and indeed must, to eat fresh grass and verdure, for someone so sbalorditivo and risked ( But like, they have said to me that if eats insalata it dies!!! ), that it is worth the pain to examine in detail the alimentary physiology of the rabbit, in order to sweep every way doubt shadow, and to understand as they are in realt the things.
The rabbit, like all the species living, evoluto in order to adapt itself to its natural atmosphere, and observing the wild rabbits us and their style of life that we can appreciate this strait adaptation. The domestic rabbits, seppur leggermente various nellaspetto, conserve intact the physiological characteristics of their wild siblings us that they still run in the prati ones. Natural Lambiente of the rabbit constituted from grassy spaces to the edges of the forests; it lives in deep galleries that dig with legs, where finds shelter from the cold and the predators. It exits to the twilight and allalba in order to feed itself, and one feeds of grass and other plants. Lerba, than many they consider a mortal danger them for this animal, in realt its natural food, what its organism perfectly adapted to use and of which has necessit. The wild rabbits us live of grass, gems, leaves. In winter, when the insufficient food, can survive with the corteccia of the trees, lerba sand bank, the leaves dead women. They are not stuffed of dry bread and sunflower seeds, do not browse maize and rods of seeds and molasses. The rabbit erbivoro a strait, not a granivoro!
Many ask perch allowed to me then to sell eat to me that they do not go well, perch are not forbidden if they are cos harmful. Simple: their formulation made on the base of eats to me for rabbits from breeding, therefore according to the law. The rabbits from breeding, for, are slaughter to you before catching up the three months of life: they do not make in time to develop sure pathologies. From the rabbits from company we expect a long life (at least eight years) and heals, that pu not to happen if they eat like a rabbit from meat.
The consequences of the alimentary errors on the health of the rabbit
We see hour as all the physiology of the rabbit is adapted to its natural feeding, and which are the devastating consequences of one mistaken diet.
We begin from the teeth. All know that the rabbit has of the long ones recorded to you adapts to you to rodere, and many know that these teeth always grow, in continuous way, for all the life (like nails), but that they always remain of the same length perch they consume with the mastication. What little know that the rabbit has also of the inner teeth, than in order to become simpler we will call teeth molars, and that also these teeth molars grow in continuous way all the life (but serious alterations that of it block laccrescimento). This type of set of teeth represents a perfect adaptation natural allalimentazione, a way in order to compensate the consumption which had to the extended mastication of alimony abraded to you. Pu to seem a strange concept that lerba is one abrasive substance. Lerba contains allinterno of its cells of microscopical crystals of silice, that they come exposed when the mastication breaks off the cells. These crystals act on the surface of the tooth like one rasp, consuming it. We add to the fact that lerba a relatively poor food, and that therefore the rabbit must ingest of a lot, in order to nourish itself. It means to us that it must chew very: the wild rabbit chews for many hours to the day. The domestic rabbit has a perfectly identical set of teeth, but if it comes fed with bread, seeds, fioccati, pellet, receive one rich feeding much, energetic one, and enough little in order to satiate itself. Therefore, it chews very less, and ago with alimony much less I abraded to you: therefore it consumes the teeth little, than for they continue to grow the same one. Lidea that the dry bread does good the rabbits perch holds regulated the length of the teeth one stupidaggine: not only the bread a food of all the unnatural one and pu to cause serious disturbs digestives (as we will see devout ahead), but not rule just nothing. The bread sbriciolato from I recorded to you that it arrives in mouth, pasted of it also salted, it has the same abrasive action on the teeth molars of a spoon.

in the photos the beautifulst CHOCO of ale89

We return therefore to our teeth molars, that they continue to grow even if they are not devout consumes to you. When the superficial ones of mastication of the advanced teeth and those inferiors are touched, as they make to grow, to continue to grow tall? If they cannot devout grow tall in the increase direction, they grow tall where they can: from the opposite part, where c the root. Here then that the roots of the teeth molars, become too much lunge, are threaded nellorbita, where the ocular globe is found, or exit from the jaw. The consequences on the rabbit are dramatic.
To all we join unaggravante: seeds, fioccati and dry bread are much poor of soccer, to the contrary dellerba and of many vegetables, and D vitamin, than servants to absorb soccer. Soccer serves to render boneses strong, in deficiency of soccer the boneses is devout weak people; in particular the boneses of the skull, in which the teeth are inserted, do not succeed devout to support them in adequate way. The teeth are not devout balances in their alveolus, and with the mastication they begin to move itself, with two serious consequences. Before the teeth forgiveness their alignment and the superficial ones of mastication of the advanced and inferior teeth are not devout perfectly to contact, and they are not consumed devout in uniform way. They are formed on the surface of the teeth of the cutting margins, the tips that grow always devout, until tearing like one blade the language and the cheeks. Created a dentale malocclusione, a painful condition that it prevents to the rabbit to eat. Without treatment the poor beast dies of hunger. (periodically every 2-6 months) must be put in anesthesia for limare the dentale tips, so as to permettergli to resume to chew. The malocclusione, once established, permanent, and demands treatments of limatura of the teeth for all the life. The teeth, in fact, once become storti they cannot devout be straightens to you.
The second consequence of the decalcification dellosso and the smaller support to the teeth, than is created of the spaces, the species of pockets, between the tooth and losso, within which material is threaded stranger and bacteria. Uninfezione is created that catches up the root of the teeth (pu to happen is with those inferiors that with those advanced ones) and that then cause the formation of an abscess. The dentale abscesses are serious problems, that they demand surgical participations of removal or water-drainage, and often of extraction of the teeth. Of I do not shave the abscesses they reform, and they demand also two or three surgical participations, for being resolved. Sometimes not even possible not to resolve in definitive way the problem.
Of frequent the abscesses they are involved nellinfezione also losso: unosteomielite, woven uninfezione of bony, a condition is created much difficult one for eliminating, that it demands months of antibiotic therapy. The abscesses of advanced molars can be involved locchio, having it; sometimes lunico way in order to take part lasportazione dellocchio, than in order not always sufficient to resolve the problem. In many cases pu to be preferibile to practice leutanasia.
Therefore, lalimentazione made up of seeds and fioccati cause lengthening of the roots of molars, malocclusione and abscesses of the head. These problems typically appear to two years and means three of ET. When the rabbit carried to the visit for these problems, often is present irreversible damages, that they demand therapies for all the life. Wrong Lalimentazione pu at a distance to provoke lesions of years, even if in the meantime be corrected. For this important to begin to feeding correctly the rabbit since the first weeks of life.
Therefore, it feeds rich of calories (that they must be chews to you) and poor of soccer little (that they weaken losso and they make to waver the teeth) devastano in the years the mouth of the rabbit. But the damages are also of other type: we see hour what cause allapparato digesting feeds inadatti.
Not only the teeth, but also, like logical, the dellapparato rest digesting of the specialized rabbit on unalimentazione essentially erbivora. While the tenuous stomach and lintestino does not introduce important differences regarding we, the blind person and the colon (the part finishes them dellintestino) deeply is modified. The blind person, than for we reduced to uninutile appendix, in the rabbit an organ a lot developed, the devout ones developed of all lintestino. Natural Lalimento of the rabbit, than as we have by now understood lerba, of for s relatively poor of nourishing fiber substances, while rich, than not digeribile. The rabbit for knows to take advantage of this fiber in order to gain of nutriment, using of microorganisms that live in its blind intestine. These bacteria digest the fiber in place of the rabbit, gaining some vitamins, proteins and fat acids, than the rabbit it assimilates directly in part from the colon, in part ingesting them under shape of I made (a type particular of I made, the ciecotrofo, that it comes assumed directly dallano). If the fiber particles are too much large (from the 5 millimeters in on) they cannot for being attacked and being digested from the internal bacteria, and come expelled, forming the typical littles ball of I made that we observe in the cage. The ciecotrofo, instead, of usual we do not see it, perch comes eaten. Therefore the too much large fiber particles are useless, perch are not digested? To the contrary: they are indispensable for the life of the rabbit. They have role a lot important: they stimulate the funzionalit dellintestino, permettendogli to move. Without of they the transit of the alimentary material within the stomach and lintestino it would slow down progressively, until stopping itself of all. The rabbit, blocked, does not defecate and it does not eat devout: a so-called gastrointestinal stasis is created, than if it often does not come corrected (to times, spontaneously devout with the therapy), door a.morte the rabbit.
Therefore the rabbit has need of rough fiber, for living, and it finds it in abundance in the hay, nellerba, in the verdure. It does not find it instead in seeds, the fioccati ones, the chicchi of maize, in the dry bread, etc. etc. One of the frequent devout reasons for which the rabbit it comes carried from the veterinary, with to the dentale problems and the abscesses of the head, the refusal of the food. The rabbit is apparently, well lively, but interested to the food and it does not defecate. Its digesting apparatus completely blocked, food filling that does not move. With passing of the days the rabbit begins to be badly, less lively, dehydrates itself and, if the condition persists, it dies. The therapy, if begun in time, nearly succeeds always to resolve the problem. If the rabbit eats hay, grass and verdure, rich of fiber, difficultly andr encounter to one gastrointestinal stasis. Remembered: if a rabbit does not eat for devout of 24 hours of row, is necessary a visit immediately veterinary! Digesting Lapparato of the made rabbit in order to ingest food in continuation: it must always in motion be, and the fuel that ago to move the rough fiber. The chewed hay has the 5 dimensions of milimeter, exactly the just measure in order to make to work well lintestino of the rabbit. And state demonstrated scientifically from various experiments that smaller are the dimensions of ingested alimentary particles, devout the internal transit slows down, until bloccarsi. Sure seeds, ribbons of cereals and bread are not in a position to supplying fiber of sufficient dimensions!
Until little years ago it was believed that the gastrointestinal stasis was caused from the hair ingested from the rabbit during the pulizia, and came dealt giving of laxatives you like the vaselina. by now demonstrated to of l of every doubt that this not true: the deficiency of rough fiber that slows down motilit of stomach and the intestine, while normal to find in the stomach of the rabbit of the hair. The hair would come eliminated with made them without difficolt, in presence of correct unalimentazione. To limit itself to give of the vaselina, in case of gastrointestinal stasis, not servants to nothing.
We see hour an other danger that threatens the rabbit because of alimentary errors: lenterite, cio linfezione dellintestino. We have inasmuch as the rabbit cohabits with a rich internal population of bacteria benefits, than transforming the fiber produce useful substances. If for we supply to the rabbit a various food from that physiological one, also the bacteria of its intestine change, and devout ones are developed those adapted to the type of food available. Seeds, fioccati, cereals, bread, grissini, biscotti and feed similar are rich of carbohydrates. What happens nellintestino of the rabbit in presence of too many carbohydrates? Other types of bacteria are developed (clostridi as an example) that they are harmful, and cause enterite (and therefore diarrhoea) and to times they produce also toxins, cos powerful from being able to kill the rabbit in little hours. One explains cos the dead women unexpected of coniglietto that it finds the bag of the old bread and of it ago one scorpacciata. Dangerous Clostridi and other bacteria instead do not develop if the rich poor fiber diet and of carbohydrates.
Here an other good reason in order to avoid of giving to the rabbit feeds not natural, not adapted to its physiology. The diarrhoea an important symptom in the rabbit, not to never neglect, and nearly always caused from alimentary errors. In conclusion. what must eat the house rabbit?
Grass and other plants of field (alfalfa, tarassaco, etc), hay of good qualit are the better alimony, the devout ones adapted to its physiology: they supply all us of which he has need; they contain knows them mineral, comprised soccer, in order to strengthen boneses; they are rich of fiber, than ago to work well lintestino and nutre the bacteria benefits, hindering those harmful ones they demand a extended mastication, for which they allow an optimal consumption of the teeth, and hold engaged to along the rabbit, impedendogli to be bored and to develop behavior problems they are poor of fat people, and they prevent lobesit are poor of carbohydrates, for which they hinder the development of dangerous bacteria
The hay does not have to never lack:
it always must be to disposition, cleaned up coolness and, in quantit limitless. A good hay acknowledges perch has thin steles, of color green, and not polveroso or grown mouldy. Pu to be bought in the storees for animals, to be manifactured in prati small cakes to us. Lerba and the other plants of field can be collections in the prati ones or in the garden, purch there is the certainty that has not been dealt with injurious substances and not there is in the vicinities passage of automobiles. They go left disposition fresh or seccate, but it does not have to be left that they ferment or they can turn out harmful. They can also directly be consumed on the place from the rabbit, leaving to browse it.
If they are bathed, little it imports: when the wild rabbits browse us lerba allalba, bathed of dew, of it they do not have sure damage!
If difficult to reperire field grass, the verdure can be valid used. Any type of raw verdura, if adapted to the human consumption, pu to be somministrata to the rabbit, purch cleaned up, to ambient temperature, and without out of order parts. Limportante to vary, leaving various every disposition day types of vegetables, and not to fix on a single type. Here an example of what pu to use itself: basil broccoli carrots and carrot leaves cavoletti of cicoria Brussels cabbage field grass medical grass indivia insalata mint capsicum prezzemolo radicchio scarola sedano spinaci tarassaco (flowers and leaves) alfalfa verza zucchini
The fruit must be given in small quantit: being rich of sugars pu to favor lobesit. If the too much fat rabbit must be eliminated.
An other concurred food the pellet, purch has the adequate characteristics. It must be made single with grass, hay and vegetables, it does not have to contain flours of cereals, or worse than animal origin, or drugs (coccidiostati to us). The content in fiber a lot important: it must at least be of 18%. The pellet it does not have to be given volont, but to be rationed: a pair of spoons to the day can be sufficient. If there are problems of obesit pu being reduced or being eliminated.
To the rabbit, in order to remain healthy and living to along, it does not serve other. Any other superfluous or harmful thing. It does not have not even need of vitamins and integrators.
Harmful alimony
They are from avoiding in complete way carbohydrates (biscotti, bread, biscottate slices, cracker, grissini, ribbons of cereals, blown rice, paste, potatoes, cakies, focacce, merendine), the chocolate (than toxic), and however in a generalized manner the dolciumi of any type. Also the leccornie for rabbits and roditori, in sale in the storees, never do not go acquired.
In a generalized manner to avoid in absolute way also seeds and the chicchi: seeds of sunflower, maize, I luff, frumento, rice and cos via. All the alimony manifactures to you that of they contain go eliminates to you. Remembered: they are the root cause of the problems of health of the rabbit.
In order to end: also carob beans, yield dehydrated, yield sand bank are in the list of the forbidden alimony. The rabbit does not import how much implori you or troublesome you for having some bocconcino that ago badly: you are responsible and thoughts to its health.
It is necessary precaution in the change of feeding
Attention: for how much the diet is scorretta, the change of feeding must be made with a lot gradualit. The time must be left the internal bacteria to adapt itself to the new alimony, otherwise the consequence sar one less serious diarrhoea devout or, also potentially lethal. Various weeks can be necessary in order to carry out one radical modification of the diet, passing from mixtures of seeds, fioccati and dry bread to hay, grass and verdure. While the endured hay pu to be offered without particular precautions, the freschi vegetables must be introduced with greater gradualit and precaution, little for time, always controlling laspetto of I made. Also the pellet it must be replaced gradually.
The devout change of diet pu to be or less difficult to accept for the rabbit, second the cases. Some rabbits did not wait for other that of finally being able to taste a po of fresh grass and verdure, while others do not want any to know to renounce to seeds. The thing important to proceed with determination and costanza, perch the consequences of a mistaken diet are much painful.


No breeding to signal
if you want to know like signaling yours, contacts:  

"From the frying pan to I embrace", Ferrara 12 January 2003
The FEEDING Of the RABBIT FROM COMPANY Marta Remainders, Med. Vet., member SIVAE, Castelfranco Veneto (TV)



But we come to its nature: the rabbit dwarf possesses a character mansueto, completely innocuous rather and therefore particularly adapted to the company of the children. An affectionate and indeed intelligent spirit is demonstrated also. Pu living in cage for many hours to the day, however indispensable also to leave it to walk in libert. If it accustoms to you with gradualit, also dogs and cats of good nature can easy cohabit with he. Domestic Nell.ambiente, the rabbit dwarf abituer soon to move for the rooms and to return spontaneously in the own cage for the needs. The male, in any case, in prossimit of the maturit sexual pu showing a behavior much similar one to that one of the cat: poich he introduces un.istinto of territorialit much fort, emits small urine sketches with the scope to mark the territory. If l.abitudine persists, in order to avoid the comprehensible domestic uneasiness necessary to sterilize coniglietto the male surgical.

Between the dangerous diseases for the race, beyond to the diarrhoea we remember the mixomato one, caused from a virus. Draft of a problem from breeding, than is transmitted for direct contact. Poich also bugs as the mosquitos are responsible of the transmission turns them, for, understood that pure rabbits from company are hit some that live in apartment. Cure for this disease does not exist; in order you the possibilit to execute the vaccinazione for proteggersi in adequate way.

Average life of the life                           5 years
Weight of the cucciolo to 2 months                    300 grams
Weight dell.adulto                                   700-800 grams
Pubert in the male                            4 months
Pubert in the female                         
3-4 months
Duration of the estrale cycle                          Not periodic, but induced L.ovulazione from the coitus
Duration of the gestation                          29-31 days
Weight to the birth                                  20-50 grams
Cucciolata number born for                    2-12 (medium 3-4)

Eruption of the teeth                         To the birth they are gi present teeth I recorded to you
Opening of the eyes                             10 days
Increase of the hair                                 14-15 days
Weaning                                      18-21 days


Species demanded from Trilly

The rubbrica on the feeding be supplied to us from the situated one:
( ) and and be written up during the conference
"From the frying pan to I embrace", Ferrara 12 January 2003
The FEEDING Of the RABBIT FROM COMPANY Marta Remainders, Med. Vet., member SIVAE, Castelfranco Veneto (TV)