ORIGIN: Ireland (province of Connnaught)
Height: From 1,30 m to 1,40 m.
CAPE: To the origin it was found falbo with the mule line, the horsehairs and the estremit black. Currently gray, very rarely morello, sauro burnt, bay is found often.
Character: E' a good, intelligent subject and much cake. It turns out an optimal subject for the young knights.
Physicist: Lively head has one, than door with elegance. Beautiful incollatura has one, of medium length with oblique shoulders. The deep chest, the long and collected body with the posterior and strongly spiovente train. The limbs are hard and with good conformation. The hooves are strong. The sailing points are melted and much comfortable. Given to its sure foot and its robustness, a good jumper.


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The Connemara an ancient race, probably derived from the same stock of the western highland. Around to its origin two famous legends are been born. Before it narrates that drifts from stalloni of Celtica origin, that they came couples to you with cavalle aboriginal. The second one, instead, supports that it comes down from stalloni escapes you to the shipwreck of ships of the Invincible Spanish Armada to the wide one of the Irish coasts in 1588, with local fattrici. Devout recently, and this a sure data, has been brought modifications in the line of blood with the added one of Arabic blood. Later on they were couples to you Arabic or small purosangue with fattrici Connemara, obtaining subject it records to you under the name of Connemara. Therefore the changed race is deduced that a lot and that, in bottom, all do not boast a.ragione the name of belongings to this race. This supposizione supported also from the fact that in origin the race had a cape falbo, while today much rare. Until the recent times, the subjects came employ to you especially for the transport of the torba, to the attack and the saddleback. Also it has contributed to the formation of others breeds like, as an example, the Irish Hunter. From some crossings with stalloni Purosangue they have produced optimal horses from jump, between which we find the famous Dundrum (son of stallone purosangue the Little Heaven and giumenta a Connemara), which super an obstacle of 2,13 m although measured to single garrese 1,43 m. Today breedings of this race are diffuse all over the world Australia, United States, England and many other countries of Europe.

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