Information on the copyright

The contents of situated the INSEPARABLE one are of propriet exclusive of inseparabileweb and are protect from the international laws on the copyright.

The use of the contained images and/or the text on this situated one, is for entire that partially, without authorization written from the legitimate owner, forbidden.

The contained images on this situated one have been dealt with digital marchiature them, visible and/or invisibili (watermark), than of it they concur indiscussa the identification also after various and successive alterations and manipulations.

Seen the high number of external collaborators of which it is taken advantage Inseparable, the possibilit exists that in the portale they have been publishes photo or witnesses to you without the consent of the author owner of the right.

If this had to happen, we kindly ask you to contact to us and in short time verr removed all the material that does not belong to us.

The Staff di Inseparabile always tries to make sure itself that the contents and the images proposed from our collaborators are originate them and not copied, but seen the vastit of the web, cannot guarantee null.

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