(Mesocricetus auratus)

in the photo on the left a wild subject to right one of the innumerevoli colorations of the variet domestic


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Average life of the life  
Weight of the adult male  
Weight of the adult female  
Pubert in the male
Pubert in the female
Duration of the estrale cycle  
Duration of the gestation
Weight all birth   
Cucciolata number for  
Eruption of the teeth  
Increase of the hair      
Opening of the eyes  
1,5-2,5 years
2 months
1,5-2 months
4 days
16 days
2 grams
gi present to the birth
9 days
14-15 days
21 days

The criceto or hamster to the wild state it has smooth and soft hair of color yellow-gold on the back and white man on the throat, ventre and legs. . Gli occhi sono grandi, neri e lucenti. . Vive in regioni al limite del deserto, caratterizzate da forti differenze di temperatura fra il giorno e la notte. Of day, the criceti they hide in the deep lairs much that same they dig themselves and reappear to the surface to the twilight in only try of food. . Mangiano principalmente vegetali e in particolar modo semi di cereali e leguminose ma anche insetti o altri piccoli animali. In summer and autumn they accumulate one large quantit of supplies completely, filling up their food cheeks in order to transport it in the warehouses of reservoir
. sotterranei.
Allapprossimarsi dellinverno the criceti gilds to you is withdrawn in their lairs, where falls in a light one letargo from the which risvegliano at intervals regular ones in order to eat itself, from the moment that they are not in a position to accumulateing the reservoirs of fat person like the other hibernant animals.
. Il . criceto molto ben conosciuto perch viene allevato come animale da appartamento e da laboratorio. And onlooker the fact that the migliaia of criceti domestic all from brooded ununica derive begins them that one zoologo was successful to capture in 1930 in Syria.
. Il criceto one of the prolific devout mammals of the world: the female allet of six or seven weeks gi in a position to procreare and the hard gestation only sixteen days. . In un anno una femmina pu partorire da sette a Otto nidiate di sei o dodici piccoli per volta. . In cattivit il criceto dorato molto pulito e non sporca mai il suo nido. . Se viene minacciato si erge sulle zampe posteriori, gonfia le tasche e comincia a mordere.