The criceto Russian known also with the name of criceto Siberian, a roditore pertaining to the Cricetidae family, its scientific name Phodopus sungoris.

The criceti Russian they are mostly nocturnal animals, are waked up to the twilight.

They come from the Siberia of the south and from the east north of the Soviet Union, some subspecies find themselves in the Asia center and China of the north, where the climate much dry one, in nature in winter goes in letargo, but in house, where the temperature always remains around to the 20 remains wide awake all the year. The criceti Russian they prefer a dry habitat, in nature live in steppose zones, desert, in kind to the beginning of the true desert and just.

Attention, not to try to make to go in letargo a criceto, the complex procedure, if you simply put yours criceti outside in a cage moriranno of cold. In nature they live in cunicoli and lairs basements and eat seeds, granaglie, yields, fresh leaves and verdure or sand banks.

The criceti Russian they are of reduced dimensions a lot, measure approximately 10 cm, the females are leggermente devout large of the males.

They have a tail much short one, to the contrary of the rats, than instead long one has one tail much. The hair brown with one strip of or devout clearly dark color devout on the back. In winter the coloration of the cape stretches to become devout clear. Today there are many variations of color that the breeders have selected.

Contrarily next to what it is believed the criceti Russian are solitary animals, they are met alone in the season of the loves and for short time. The females can give birth devout times to the year and the prole much numerous one, are born in kind from 6 to 12 small, but pu to succeed that ce they are also 20!


In cattivit the feeding of a criceto constituted from alimony buckets, freschi, integrators and water. The base constituted from prepares to you that they can be found in commerce in the storees specializes to you; the mix that they are given to the criceto must contain: cereals, seeds several, noccioline and a part of vegetables and yield. They exist also eats me pellettati for criceti that it gives to the animal the necessary nutrizionale contribution, but the criceto in this case pu not to choose between the variet of vegetables to disposition. The ideal diet a concoction between mix of seeds and the cereals and the pellettato one.

The criceti moreover animals need of proteins and for somministragliele they can be used biscotti and croccantini for dogs every a lot, to increase in case of pregnancy and breast-feeding. Like supplement pu to use pellettato for rabbits made up of alpha the alpha. The feeding pu to comprise also a part of freschi vegetables, like as an example carrots, cauliflower, apple, but in doses always moderate and inserted in the diet little for time. During the first days of adaptation to house better to maintain to an feeding sand bank in order to avoid eventual problems of diarrhoea.

Better it would be to limit the bread consumption and biscotti, these alimony would not go once somministrati devout to week.

The important thing devout that every change in the diet happens in moderated way, with dry food prevalence, in order not to cause in the animal gastroenterici problems.
As far as the drink enough to apply to the cage one bottle of drinking trough automatic rifle to drop from which the animal to use alone.

It would be opportune to put in the cage pieces or tronchetti of wood (pine and cedar) does not deal in order to allow to you to the animals of molarsi the teeth. The criceti Russian they are animals with the teeth to continuous increase and if they do not come it regulated to you naturally can grow tall until provoking serious problems of feeding and in serious cases the dead women it is necessary to make attention in the old subjects above all. If one is observed anomalous increase of the teeth better mechanically to address to a specialistic veterinary whom occuper of their regulation. Of limarsi the teeth they can be inserted in the cage also blocks of it knows them mineral for roditori or biscotti for hard dogs a lot.

Sistemazione and cures

When we decide to acquire a criceto necessary to fortify us of one cage, one mangiatoia for the hay, one ciotola for the food, a birdcage tray for the water, a nest (pu as an example to go well also one scato it of cardboard) and one hygienic cassette with sand (the sand for roditori or that one for the cats).

The cages for criceti are found easy in the storees specialize to you and the measure depends on the space that we have to disposition. Attention not to acquire cages for criceti with too much far slabs in metal, the criceti Russian is many small and escapes easy. There are beautifulst cages for criceti Russian to devout plans, where pu to lodge also one comfortably brace always with two nests. The characteristics that must have a cage for criceti Russian are: one good ventilation, a solid and easy pulibile bottom, one composition to test of teeth (metal, plexiglass, hard plastic).

In order to hold a criceto Russian pu to use also a teca of glass or plexiglass with aeration adapted, they have in advantage of being easy to clean up and difficult escape.

The cage or the teca must be placed in a calm atmosphere, not exposed to excessive noises and confusion. Moreover they must be repaired from the exposure directed to the sun.

As far as the nest it serves to the criceto in order to sleep and as shelter in the case is felt threatened. The nest pu to be made or to be acquired in the storees specializes to you and in plastic kind of hard or wood. In the nest we can put hay or straw in order to render it devout soft.

Like bottom of the cage pu to use newsprint, hay, straw, lettiera for cats, lettiera of maize, trucioli of pine wood (purch or cedar and do not deal to you with toxic materials).

Pulizia of the cage and the accessories of the fundamental importance, criceti Russian they are animals extremely cleaned up, on condition that they have a little aid from part of the owner, for this necessary one to remove two times to the week the hay, the newspaper or the dirty sand.  

To the inside of the cage games and furnishing can be put like: plastic tubes, wheels in order to run, etc.

In order to maintain in perfect conditions the hair of the criceto Russian and in order to eliminate the excess of sebo pu becoming part or two times to the week in the containing cage one ciotola ash of firewood or sand fine (type that one for cincill), the criceti will be lieti to practice of the "baths buckets" of pulizia.  


No breeding to signal
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Thecriceti Russian they are much common like animals from company and come raises to you in cattivit 1930 since.

The average life of a criceto Russian around to the 2/3 years.

The criceti Russian they love to fill up the pockets that they have in the food mouth in order to make of supplyes in the nest and to eat it with calm. In fact the English name "hamster" derives from the German "hamstern" that it wants to say "to accumulate".

The behavior of the criceti Russian in enough reckless kind, the males are devout calm of the females, but every animal manipulated regularly and with gentility diverr an optimal companion of games.

If you decide to leave for house criceto the attention free that not rosicchi furnitures or cables electrical workers, beyond creating damages to the house the same life of the animal in danger.

As far as the relationship with the children preferibile who the child is not too much small, but it is in a position to understanding like handling the animals, and in a generalized manner not thinking it only giocattolo or a peluche. Moreover the reduced dimensions of the criceto Russian of it do not make an animal adapted the children.


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