ORIGIN: South America
Height: From 1,33 m to 1,50 m.
CAPE: The common cape devout falbo with the line the mulina on the back. The horsehairs and the estremit are black, as the line of the garrese. The limbs are zebrati. Other common capes are roano dark or vinoso, caffellatte, palomino, and composed colors as the blue and the white man. The cape sauro, gray, morello and bay are present also.
Character: E' a subject dl particularly hard, but volenteroso character and remarkablly resistance. Physicist: Short and wide head has one, with small orecchie. The muscolosa incollatura, with deep and strong shoulders. The wide chest. The collected, sturdy and harmonious body. The short and with powerful kidneys, the powerful rump and round back. The limbs are short, with short pastorali and from the strong skeleton. The hooves are hard and small.


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Origin of Criollo from South America, that one of the breeds is born as mounts of the gauchos of the continent center, perch devout resistant to the world. If of it they know various types, that they come subdivided in classes based on the ransom and to some characteristics.
1) the Criollo of the Argentine and the Uruguay;
2) the Criollo of Brasi them;
3) the Costeno and the Morochuco of For;
4) the Llanero of the Venezuela.
Even if some do not correspond to the specific description of the Criollo, all have in common the descendancys: from the Spanish horses it imports to you from the conquerors in XVI the century. The model differences are due to the difference of climates and the pastures, of the living conditions (in mountain or plain) and of the selective breedings it dictates to you from the requirements of every single region. The breeds fondatrici of the Criollo they are the Andalusian, the Berber and the Arab. The small ransom and the great resistance are the result of three years of rigorous selections during which the Criollo ran to the state brado, or nearly, in plains. Moreover the origin of the strange variation of the cape, that they jump from color the sand to the falbo (particolarit of the Criollo), derives from one aquisita protecting coloration to the state brado. Every year in Argentine all the breeders prepare a competition during which the horses must cover 750 kilometers in fifteen days, carrying a weight of 100 kilometers, without drink, without to eat, if not us that it is found during the way.

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