"To take to cure of a dog or a cat an action of responsabilit. And task of the public Administration to try to assure the perfect cohabitation between human citizens and not. Only loving the animals and respecting elementary, but necessary rules, potr to guarantee one optimal integration in ours citt, and potr to offer one better qualit than life to our friends on all fours. For this the Office Straight Animals (UDA) of the Common one of Rome has intentional to propose "the Great Game of the Uda", addressing above all to the devout small, affinch they learn the rules base and they try to understand if they are of the good conductors of dogs and cats ". E' how much renders famous Monica Cirinn, Delegated of the Mayor to the Rights of the Animals (Uda), in occasion of the "Day of Gioco", than terr mercoled 16 May to Rome, to the Terraces of the Pincio (public square Napoleone I), where the present Uda sar from the morning to the evening with a its stand, and to distribute, between the other things, ' the Great Game of the Uda'. "With this our didactic initiative - Monica Cirinn explains - the children, but also the devout ones grandicelli, will amuse themselves to know themselves and to behave themselves with the animals. On a mega-tabellone variopinto with 21 didactic cases, just and mistaken actions are described, in order to reward or to penalize the players, to second who reveal themselves devout or little ideal conductors than a dog or of a cat. From the bonus in order to advance of one or two devout cases for the good ones, to the return to the point of distracted departure or the stop of a turn for the devout ones ". "the questions brought back on some cases of the tabellone - the Delegate of the Mayor continues - will test the sensibilit animalista of the players. They will be able to play from 2 to 6 persons who to turn, once launch dice, will cover the tabellone from the departure point. Who wins catches up for first case 21. A ludico-didactic distance to the end of which the player potr to learn or to understand the actions to complete and those better to avoid, in the moment in which cure of a dog or a cat is taken. The game to allow to discover like becoming conductor and ideal friend of the not human citizens ".

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