ORIGIN: Russia and Asia Center them
Height: From 1,52 m to 1,54 m.
CAPE: All the decided colors, generally sauro, bay or gray are had.
Character: E' a energetic, calm subject and of constant humor.
Physicist: Head of medium ransom has one, on the model of the purosangue, with intelligent eyes and distant, rectilinear profile and small orecchie. The long and straight incollatura. The pronounced garrese with straight shoulders. The wide chest, straight and wide back, a posterior wide thorax and a fourth sturdy one. The limbs are long and hard. Usually the garretti they are throws to you in ahead and often dritto-giuntati. One great characteristic the extraordinary resistance. The sailing points are not much elegant also perch are short.


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This race partecip intensely to the attacks against Napoleone during the terrible campaign of Russia of 1812. The greater part of the horses frances for of starvation, while the small cossak horses pertaining to this race, continued in the attack. After the Victoria they resumed with much courage the return march towards Moscow. They are small lean, dry and nevrili horses, without elegance, that they had given test that in as far as resistance and Arabic famous courage was equal to the Purosangue. Currently devout the large Don devout and has one elegant conformation. During XIX the century they were imported stalloni turcomanni, Karabakh, karabair and other subjects orient them, that they came freed in steppes with the Don horses in order to improve of the aspect. Later on the blood line was increased with blood of Purosangue and Orlov, that they gave their stature. The result, that we see today tutt', an excellent horse from saddleback.

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