Native of Australia, the dragone bearded it comes cos called for the ag that it has under the throat. When it spirit, the throat swells and becomes dark appearing like one black beard.

These dragoni have been grown in cattivit from many generations and for their docile temperament they are considers you resisted tames them to you.
A male and a female will go entirety very well never two males perch would litigate.

The adult males catch up approximately average meter of length, the females are devout small.
The dragoni bearded they are onnivori; their diet comprises cut green verdura, carrots, peas, fagioli and also roses and flowers of ibisco.

Two or three times the week pu also to give crickets and worms to they.

The bugs before being you use as meal must very be nourished in order at least two days perch has their just nutrizionale value and moreover they must be they added the vitamins. The dragoni eating much verdura they have gi a remarkable water contribution that in order does not have to never lack possibly in one ciotola not much deep one.


No breeding to signal
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In their lodging a lot must starci of the sand made up of soccer with ingested fine grains affinch if does not damage the walls of the intestine.
The cage must be much wide one, at least 1 meter and means for side and much solid one; the height would have to be approximately 1 meter.
It must supply to arrange a fluorescent lamp that heats at least a side of the lodging and a place where it can hide.

The dragoni they must be let out from the cage giornalmente perch can socialize and in such a way they can continue to being docile and friendly.
They produce many refusals and therefore it must provvedre thickest to remove them and to clean up the entire cage weekly not using soap but a specific disinfectant for resisted them.
As we have said are much docile and they can be touched without fear; some exemplary are quite much timid and carrying them to house before the time it must deal them adequately.

They enough often go subject to caused metabolic disorders from lack of phosphorus and soccer vitamins for which it must satisfy this lack with a specific contribution. They can catch up also the 15 years of life if very it deals to you.

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