Entropion one genetic malformation of the eyelid. common in the basset hound and pursued also other dogs that introduce many wrinkles on the snout. Dogs with lentropion introduce   rolled up inner eyelids "or inverts. It is the advanced eyelid that linferiore they can be hit from this pathology, even if   devout common on that inferior. Iectropion, from larrotolamento allesterno, practically lopposto dellentropion. Some cases in which are known introduce one eyelid with lentropion and one with lectropion on the same eye what in order much rare one!

Lentropion pu to be much serious one in some dogs, pu to even cause of corneali ulcere. Some can have one loss of the sight. The hit animals leggermente do not seem   suffering and in fact, if the dog has a snout much blanket of folds, you could not notice the circumstance.
Usually, however cause annoyance and intolerance that the manifest dog with the shaking of the head in the attempt to remove the hairs from the eyes. Practically they try the same feeling that we try when an eyelash only ends us nellocchio that the feeling to have multiplied for the number of hairs that the poor animal finds again itself to strusciare allinterno dellocchio the treatment demands always one nearly simple surgical procedure. The doctor eliminer the part of the woven one close to the hit eyelid eliminating a small border of skin.

bulldog before and after the participation

The removal of the quantit of skin must be decided based on the patient poich, if the veterinary of it removed too much would risk itself later on that the dog goes encounter allectropion.  
For this participation the dog avr need of the general anesthesia.

case of entropion in one shar pei

Less serious Iectropion usually much dellentropion, but common one in the dogs with the falling eyelids.

The dogs affections introduce one congiuntivite constant. In many dogs from exposure this characteristic previewed from the standard, therefore would have see again questultimo inverting the selection and avoiding the ipertipici dogs, also perch sure the powder that deposits itself allinterno of the eyelid not makes they sure well.  

In any case, the serious cases must surgical be corrected this time from a veterinary
ophtalmologist. Sure he wants a veterinary to us with much experience in matter.

All the dog that has had a surgical participation in order to correct lentropion or lectropion come eliminate to you from the exposures or cos it would have to be inasmuch as these pathologies are transmitted genetically.
Much devout very rarely this pathology pu to hit also the cat

entropion in an European cat (you notice yourself that the inferior eyelid rigira towards the inside making to rest the hair on the cornea)