ORIGIN: Mongolia
Height: From 1,20 m to 1,40 m.
CAPE: Isabella and generally introduces estremit and horsehairs of black color, clear devout narici and belly, line mulina on the back, zebrature on the limbs.
Character: E' one race much brave one and equipped of great resistance.
Physicist: E' a primitivo type of pony. Wide and large head has one, with large orecchie. It rests on a rather thin incollatura, adorned from one criniera short and straight. The straight shoulder, rump and back are sturdy, while the posterior quarters are weak people. The limbs are strong and short. The hooves are long. E' a rather sturdy horse, also perch accustomed living in a rigid climate where it finds little feeding.


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The horse of Przewalskii was uncovered from omonimo the colonel in 1881. This race alive in mountains of the Tachin Schara Nourou (the mountain of the yellow horses). To the western frontier of the desert of the Gobi. Currently little exemplary exist some, perch were hunted end nearly to the extinction. Today the government mongolo, Russian and Chinese proteggono this race, even if has greater possibilit to survive in the zoo rather than to the state brado. Between zoo the Americans and those Europeans, they can be counted approximately 400 exemplary, raises with all the possible cures to you. It is believed that the Equus Przewalskii represents the horse from which all come down the breeds, also perch little changed regarding com' was to ET of the stone. Had to us from the fact that ostilit of its natural habitat and its diffidenza the aliens have held far. Still today the stalloni selvati to us the males attack until death strangers, even if they are not approaches you giumente. Moreover giumente the strangers difficultly succeed sopportare the hard environmental conditions them.

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