ORIGIN: Argentine
Height: He never does not exceed the 70 centimeters.
Character: He finds himself in all the colors.
CAPE: Friendly, sociable E' pony a much and sweet one. E' an animal from perfect company.
Physicist: The Falabella devout the small horse to the world. It has the characteristics generates them of a normal horse, even if in reduced ransom. Fine head has one, with rectilinear profile, eyes live and careful orecchie to us. The limbs are thin and the small and round hooves. Insomma a sturdy little horse in miniatura from the strong temperament.


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The name of this race derives from the name of the family that the cre in the farm Recreo de Roca, neighbor to Buenos Aires. The Falabella family had a small stallone purosangue, that it was intercrossed with pony Shetland, chosen between the devout small to the inside of this race. The Falabella has less than a century than life, but the origins and the evolutions are dark. Currently in the United States like horse of attack and also like domestic horse. Unfortunately the reduced dimensions have made it to lose much force and therefore it does not concur it of being a pony from saddleback. Even if all the variet of capes are found, the breeders prefer the appaloosa and stretch therefore to select them.

This card be sended to us from Alfeo R.