Ferplast helps Africat to save the Great Cats of the Namibia


Lazienda Vicentina has put to disposition its products and its technology

in order to help ghepardi and the leopardi to extinction risk


Milan, 3 November 2006 Ferplast, company leader in the production of accessories for the Pet Comfort, it has donated to Africat Foundation , organization not profit, its very you notice trasportini of the Atlas series and the canili Kenny in order to offer to a sure and protected shelter to the numerous wild animals us that Africat saves every day from the traps of the hunters.


Just in order to defend these felines in 1993 been born Africat Foundation, lassociazione Namibiana the whose mission that one sensibilizzare the public opinion promuovendo the tolerance towards these great carnivores and giving they a future, curing them, riabilitando them and reinserendo them in their atmosphere. In particular, Africat is taken care of the safeguard of the ghepardi and leopardi, in extinction danger, to cause it is of their valuable cape, within booty of the bracconieri, is perch continuously threatens to you from the cattle breeders who fear for the own herds.


Until today Africat it has recovered devout of 850 ghepardi and leopardi and beyond l85% of these animals be cured and reinserito in its natural habitat. Africat it is engaged in fact to remove lanimale from the trap and to transfer it with trasportini the offers from Ferplast in the clinical veterinary, where verr medicato and cured.

Thanks to the canili of the Kenny line puttinges to disposition from Ferplast , the ghepardi, moreover, they can find a shelter that protegge from the thermal jolts, poich these products guarantee an optimal isolation are to the high ones that to the low typical temperatures of desert climates.


To be able to contribute to the safeguard of the ghepardi offering to our technology and our products of qualit, innovated to you and realizes to you with resistant materials, for we reason of great satisfaction and pride comments Alexander Rossato Director Marketing of Ferplast. Our company from always careful to the problematic ones tied to the safeguard of the aninali in a generalized manner and supports with enthusiasm this type of initiatives times to support attivit of aid and the recovery of the animals in difficolt ".


Canili Kenny, the ideal shelter for dogs and devout cats of large tagliaanche those aggressive ones!

Realized with materials highly insulators and raincoats that guarantee an ideal atmosphere for every season and every climatic situation, the canile endowed Kenny of the ventilation system vent system that it assures the maximum aeration and it prevents forming itself of condenses and umidit.

Cuccia the equipped Kenny, moreover, of the most modern one drain system that it guarantees an always dry and aseptic atmosphere.

All the canili are taken advantage of a bottom raised for a greater isolation from earth and of edges it rounds off to you allentrata for the maximum dellanimale emergency.

Available in 5 measures (Kenny miniums, 01/03/05/07), easy smontabile for one effective pulizia; resistant to it hits, to the beams uv, the cold and the warmth (thermal protection). And riciclabile; it does not demand tools for the assembly; it respects lambiente and possible to fix it to earth.


Sure Atlas Professional, devout movements and to claw test!

Atlas Professional transports been born for dogs of average and large ideal ransom but also for felines, in dimensions 50, 60 and 70. This comfortable endowed accessory of a complete advanced part of estraibile handle, vain door objects and griglie of aeration. They transport Atlas Professional has five couplings to release with emergency block, a drenante hygienic carpet in plastic and one door in steel galvanized with emergency closing.

Moreover, thanks to the wheels that can be mounted to piacimento, possible to transport it without hard work and in total comodit.