Action n.   2-00679        

 Published 17 February 2005 Sitting n.   742              

 BUCCIERO.   - To the Minister of the health.   -       

 that the regulations n.   998 of 26 May 2003 of the European Parliament and the relative Council to the conditions of sanitary police applicable to the movements to character do not trade them of animals from company, immediately executive in our ordering sin from 1 October 2004, have modified in part directive 92/65/CEE, that it establishes sanitary norms for the exchanges and imports          

 (to character they) in the Comunitof animals trades, put into effect with the decree legislative 12 November 1996, n.   633;                

 that, in particular, to the aim precipuo to avoid that movements trades them they are disguises to you fraudolentemente as movements do not trade them of animals from company (n. 11 of the premise of the regulations) article 22 of the regulations          

 n.   998/03 arrange the integral substitution of codicils 1 and 2 of the art.   10 of the cited directive (and the decree legislative cited) in relation to the conditions for the exchange of dogs, cats and ferrets, sending back express also to requirement of which to articles 5 and 16 of the same regulations;                

 that, therefore, today dogs, cats and ferrets, for being able to be import in our country in order sale to you and/or exchange must be fortified of regulating passport with attestation of good health of the animal executed with going back clinical examination to 24 hours before the shipment from a qualified veterinary from the autorit competent and attestation of the executed antirabies vaccinazione, nonch must bring tatuaggio or microchip of acknowledgment and, above all, they cannot have inferior ET to the three months, saves expressed authorization in the single cases you concur yourself;               

 that the removal forced of cucciolo of dog or a cat from the own mother before the fulfillment of the three months of ET a deplorable, injurious for the corrected increase of the animal and to times also for its health and sure contrary gesture to the etologiche characteristics of the same animal, but that it shapes the ill-treatment crime quite;             

 that the inosservanza of the aforesaid disposition, cos like modified from the cited regulations, but that the fact constitutes crime, express punished former art. 20. codicil 2, of the decree legislative n.   633/96 with the pecuniaria administrative endorsement from 516,42 euro to 1.549,26 euro for every single violation;                    

 that, although the tenor of the enforced norm, importers and traders perseverano impuniti in selling puppys of coming from dog and cat from the countries of the east Europe, sforni you of passport, vaccinazioni, tatuaggio or microchip and of always inferior ET to the three months;     

 that quite such phenomenon verification on immense scale laddove is come concurred, in spite of the inspections of mostre/mercato the local ASL, itineranti of puppys, for the greater part imports to you, all lacking ones in aforesaid requirement and often sick and infects to you, like state denounced from the animaliste associations to the autorit competent for the cases happened in the month of November 2004 to Rome near the Palalottomatica and Lecco near the Palataurus, to the "Extension of the cucciolo" organized from Francisco Crusco nonch, in the month of January 2005, to Grugliasco (Turin) to the extension "Eurocucciolo";                

 that, to ulterior example, an importer with center in Formia, for through of own retailers indisturbato scattered in nearly all Italy persevererebbe, being to the denunciations of some citizens, to sell in plentiful quantitative you dogs imports you not devout of two months of ET, deprives of every requirement of the thickest law and affections from diseases that carry them to the dead women in little days from the purchase;             

 that therefore it seems to interrogating that the local services veterinaries of the ASL have not compiutamente recepito the content of the normative cited one or, at least, they have not established operativit and the modalit of the necessary and consequent controls,           

 it is asked for knowing:          

 if it re-enters between the understandings of the Minister in address to emanate an appropriate provision waves to clear to the citizens and the competent local institutions the effectiveness and the capacity, also sanzionatoria, of the above-mentioned norm, than other also to the animals from company extends senz' imports you to the aim to trade them, exhorting altres all the autorit prelocated to the effettuazione of controls near importers, traders and extensions of animals;             

 if our country concurs less or in the specific cases previewed from article 5, codicil the 2, of the cited regulations movements of animals of inferior ET to the three months and which it is the lawful mean with which eventually demonstrating that the cucciolo "it has soggiornato from birth in the place in which been born       without to enter in contact with wild animals us ".