I call Elisa Manna and I have created in collaboration with the Sig. ra Paola Martini a situated one entire on the greyhound. A complete search from the origins, anatomy, art, morphology, behavior etc. studied in order to sfatare myths absurd that contraddistinguono these dogs. The situated one wants to give like primary objective, one sure and warm house to all those levrieri to fine agonistica career, and a guide the devout ones completes in a generalized manner possible on the race. The all state made nonprofit, but from the only passion that we nourish on this race. They are graphical and I have arranged job and passion in order to realize to lost time this plan, creed to have realized a dream, inasmuch as they are also adopted owners of the two beautifulst ones grey.

We want to be involved devout possible people to this virtual plan of concept, but concrete of fact, some dogs gi have been adopts thanks to you to our situated, (archivio photographic one of the dogs to adopt to the inside of the situated one), but we would want, that always devout people know on the adoptions of the greyhound from race. In Italy little people know the world of the greyhound, and still little people know that they are optimal dogs from company and that they can themselves be adopted.

We do not want schierarci in no position for what it regards "the race statali"o to create absurd controversies, our only and single scope to give one house to these wonderful dogs. If you want to insert in a your space this small news with the address of the situated one ve of we will be grates and perhaps chiss one of your visitors or customers adotter a former athlete on all fours in pension. For greater information:  


Elisa Manna