ORIGIN: Denmark
Height: From 1,52 m to 1,61 m.
CAPE: They are found generally sauro.
Character: E' a subject much docile assets and. Its moreover good one volont ago to be a working volenteroso.
Physicist: It often has one head not refined and extension a convex profile, with intelligent and alert eyes. The strong incollatura, with wide and extremely powerful shoulders. The wide chest, the rounded off body. The very wide back, with strong kidneys and one muscolosa rump. The limbs very are constructed.


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This race door the name of one large nobilt. In the 1562 king Federico II of Denmark fond one breeding, "Real breeding of Frederiksborg, than to the age was devout the important supplier of the real scuderie of Europe. These horses, that Andalusian and Neapolitan derive mainly from blood, came train you to the high school and optimal horses from saddleback and dressage demonstrated themselves. In the 1839 breeding it was forced to close, poich were not remained horses to raise, because of the excessive demand for subjects from part of all Europe in order to improve the others breeds. In Denmark, for, they were preservati enough subject in order to maintain the species, but others and new lines of blood had to be brought. In 1923 it was recognized and from Denmark then diffuses itself in all. Currently the Frederiksborg comes used like light horse from shooting and for the saddleback.

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