ORIGIN: Holland (province of Frisia)
Height: It is gone around around to 1,50 m
CAPE: Morello, the other colors are not admitted, are from avoiding also the signs white men.
Character: E' a great worker, extremely sweet and sensitive. From the breeders it often comes described like an animal "" loyal "allegro" and.
Physicist: It has a thin head, rather long, nearly sgraziata, with short orecchie and one massiccia incollatura. The body much compact fort and. The limbs are short, but agile. In spite of the weighted down morphology a po', it maintains an attitude noble.


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Pu to assert itself, holding account that the modern subjects are not similar their ancestors, than the Frisian one of the breeds devout ancient of Europe. In fact documentations are had approximately a present heavy horse in the preistorici times, than venive used as animal domestic servant gi devout of shakes it years ago. Probably the mount of the nobilt of the Middle Ages, that they figure in the pictures of the antichi masters fiamminghi, was the descendants of the Frisian. Pu to assert itself, nearly with extreme certainty, than, to the age, the Frisian came enriched with blood Andalusian and also with blood she orients them. In XIX the century the breeders were pushes from the fashion of the trot to produce light and fast devout subjects, for being able to use them in the race and the jobs of the fields. Unfortunately, for, this change of decret nearly the total disappearance, perch, private of its original robustness, in order terribly during the First World war. In fact to the term of the war, the stalloni remained of this race three were alone and in order to restore it the breeders they had to resort to stalloni the Oldenburg. With the Second World war the Frisian had its redeems, perch the scarseggiavano motor cars and it half became cos a fundamental one of transport. To the days ours an attack horse, that pride inspires to the own patriots, but also nostalgia.

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