Been born you of Asia it centers them the gechi leopardi are considers domestic animals you and come raises to you rather than captured.

E' much easy one to be able them to have in house, enough a rich appropriate diet of vitamins and a closed place where to be able to conserve them.
The gechi leopardi they are enough sturdy and from adults they measure approximately 3 or 4 cm. of length.

Great triangular head and eyes to bulb have one. (dissimilarly from the other species of gechi these they have the eyelids that move).
Their granular skin seems that it is covered from small sassolini and soft and amazingly delicate under the mento and on the stomach.

The thick and large tail and encircled from furrows and like that one of the lucertole pu to detach itself if seized from a predator.
The loss of the deformed tail much traumatic one for the geco and although ricresca risulter. The gechi leopardi captured they have for meggior the part black spots and specks on a background gray.


No breeding to signal
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When they come raises you the gechi even develop magnificent colorations arriving to the pure white man. The gechi leopardi they are insectivorous; they nutrono of crickets, worms.
They accept also small hardly been born rats without the hair that can themselves be found deep freeze to you.
In order to assure they it better nutrition possible to add of the special vitamin for resisted them to the bugs before that offers like food come they. To very vary the diet, for which every a lot to offer they also of the cavallette and of gets worm-eaten from silk.

Two or three times the week to porgere they also a small container with of the water but to the end of the day removing it poich they are animals from desert.
In order to maintain them sar necessary a cage of glass with on the bottom of the sand that their natural atmosphere (better sand made up of silicea soccer that in order to avoid internal problems if it comes swallowed).

If the particularly cold atmosphere to bury in the sand one stone artificially heated in order to maintain a sure heat.
To always maintain the cage clean and to change the sand weekly; not to use soap in order to clean up it but candeggina preferibilmente.
Pu also to always take in hand the gechi with much cure, they do not bite. If maintained in correct way they can also living until 25 years.

This card be sended to us from Alfeo R.