REAL GERMANO - Anas platyrhynchos

Classification Class Birds, Anseriformi order, Anatidi family
Along 60 cm approximately
Geographic distribution Europe, Asia, Africa and North America

The diffuse germano real sure lanatra wild devout and devout known. From this species many of the breeds have drawn origin of domestic ducks.
Between the male and the female the difference the differences are enormous: as well as striking the male how much camouflage sobria and the female this diversit called sexual dimorfismo.
The male has a piumaggio with striking colors a lot: the dark green head, the nocciola chest rossiccio, thin collarino a white man and yellow spout; the female has instead little striking colors that serve in order to confuse it between the vegetation during the period of brood.
Both the seies have for a metallic blue square small on the wings.

The real germano the atmospheres adapted nearly all: cosicch it is met in pits, the small ponds of the parks, in lagos and long the repaired coasts.

It constructs the nest isolated in the dog field or under the bushes on the river. The brooded one consists in ten or twelve eggs verdastre that they come only brooded from the female for a period of four weeks.


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With passing of the time of incubation the nest comes upholstery from a soft one piumino that the female detaches itself from the ventre. Allinizio the male remains to guard in prossimit of the nest, but then, before still that the small are born, it goes away in tries of other females.

Gi the second day after the birth the small exit from the nest and endured they swim, they are dived and they tried food nellacqua with extreme nature.

From some students the ducks come distinguished in two groups: the tuffatrici ducks of surface and ducks. First they try the food in surface between the alghe using the spout like filter; the second ones instead try the food in profondit and they are raised in flight with difficolt.