Ghiro the common name for many speci of roditori variously distributed in Europe, Asia and Africa.

The roditori are mammals that comprise 350 kinds and approximately 1700 speci.
The roditori in kind are characterize to you from a pair of recorded to you large and sharp inserted in all and the two jaws and that they serve to they for rosicchiare.

The frontal part of every incisor constituted from enamel while the part hidden from dentina that comes eliminated during the rosicchiamento process and cos the teeth remains appuntiti.

Having canine you a hole between I did not record and molars to you. Moreover the roditori posseggono two great orecchie.


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There are speci aquatic and land and some live under earth.
Some roditori are bearers of diseases while others are search you for the precious hair, ghiro as an example one of these.

Ghiri nutrono of night of walnuts and the bugs.
The letargo winter pu to last also 6 months; during this period the temperature lowers a lot and the light respiration.
The ghiri of usual they produce 2 you spin to the year.

The Myoxus glis much common one in Europe and catches up one length of approximately 18 cm. excluded the tail.
The Graphiurus ocularis much diffusing in Africa and characterizing from one folta tail.
There are moreover the Platacanthomys lasiurus cos called for its mantle ispido and the Typhlomis cinereus.

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