order Testudines
sottordine Cryptodira
Superfamily Testudinoidea
family Emydidae



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The Gliptemys original Insculpta of the Minnesota and Michigan and must its name, wood turtle, to the characteristic coloration of the carapace that it seems carved in the wood.
The rough and every surface scuto introduces of the reliefs to rings concentrates browns to us and of the irradiations, of the same color, that they leave from the center. In some cases the scuti they have one coloration tending to the tawny yellow with the dark devout irradiations, but in the majority of the cases this less obvious coloration leaving the carapace for devout the brown.
The carapace it introduces a fairing that runs on all the length.
Piastrone yellow with wide dark spots one for every scuto.
The coloration of base of the skin brown on the soft head, limbs and tail, neck and parts close to the carapace can be orange or yellow.
This a turtle of medium proportions that goes from the 18 to i 25 cm, but contrarily to much devout species the large male of the female.
Other characteristics of the male are the wide head devout carapace devout the devout oval piastrone concave and the long and stocky tail.
The young subjects do not introduce alive colorations, but they are grays or browns with the longest tail, to times devout long of the carapace to difference of the adults prettamente are acquati to us, but not great swimmers.
The dimensions of the small go from the 3,5 to i 4 cm.


The preferred places from this species are the water course or small lagos in the forests of the Minnesota orient them and just the destruction of these renders this species threatened of extinction.
The Gliptemys active Insculpta from aim You open them to October as the temperatures come down dig one lair in the mud or sott' water for passing the letargo.
In spring, this turtle, passes the greater part of its time in water or to make basking on sunny spiagge or cuts semisubmergeeed, but with the arrival of the devout summer earthling makes itself but without never to go away much from the water course.
During the day it is pushed in the prati ones to the food search, but in the warm devout hours it returns in water or it is put to the shadow of the trees of the river.
These small wood supply are refrigerio that one small dose of sun.
The males of Gliptemys Insculpta return frequently devout in the water in order to pass the night that the females.


These turtles mature sexually much late, towards the 14 18 years, contrarily to other species, the males mature after the females, this perch the males are devout large of the females.
The connection happens in late spring and the courtship consists in oscillating the head ritmicamente while they approach one the other.
The female towards fine May or june digs a hole on the sunny rivers of the water course, and it places you from the 3 to 18 eggs with soft shell. and after an incubation of 6 weeks in the warm sand the small will be born, than ready they will head towards the water.


The Gliptemys Insculpta a turtle onnivora, but prefers a diet vegetable and contrarily to the habits daltre aquatic turtles consume just the meal also outside from the water, this make that of its diet they make part feeds typical of land turtles like: strawberries, raspberries, more, teeth of lion and other vegetables.
The alimony of animal type is scrolls, small bugs, carcasss of animals, lombrichi.
Just in order to hunt these last ones particular one uses a method much, oscillating the body ahead and GO BACK TO LIST and of side they strike on the land, this vibration lets out the lombrichi from the earth that, ready, come captured.


As gi said allinizio in the first months of life the Gliptemys insculpta much aquatic one perci we can prepare an Aquarius with emerged unarea also not much large one but lacqua it must not have a profondit greater to the 4, 5 cm perch are not optimal swimmers.
As they grow, for we must change to preparation perch from adult the Gliptemys becomes rectums them seeds land, perci we must increase the zone emerged to scapito dellacqua that dovr to have one profondit maximum of 10 cm.
For these turtles better lalloggiamento it in any case remains unarea external with a small endowed small lake for of an easy access to the side and not with one large profondit.
Naturally, like for all the rectums them, in the case of one inner sistemazione sar dobbligo specific unilluminazione with beams UVA-B and the sistemazione of one lamp spot for giving the possibilit to the rectums them to make basking in the emerged zone.
24 Lacqua dovr to be held around to and devout cleaned up possible, since of it it is not necessary a large one quantit could be difficult to use filters for Aquarius, for which frequent changes are advised much.
For lalimentazione of the small we will use alimony nearly exclusively animals, of the type: small fish, lombrichi, snails, larve; as they grow we can insert in the diet the vegetables of which nutre in nature that we have seen previously.

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