Dimensions: Males 9 14 cm, Females 18 24 cm


No breeding to signal
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Its spread covers an immensest area that goes gives from the south of the Quebec in Canada, the region of Great Lagos, in the Vermont orients them, then gi until to the Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, Arkansas, Oklahoma.

Careened its carapace, but does not introduce a showy crest, of color green gray but pu to be brown or brown much dark one, in kind scurisce a lot with let.

On the scuti they are designed of strisce yellow the orange that seems roads here on one cartina from its Map name turtle.

The piastrone yellow it introduces a dark geometric design that fades with linvecchiamento.

The skin green gray with yellow striature, and in kind has two spots ovals GO BACK TO LIST the eyes.



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we thank the situated one TARTAPORTAL For the realization of this card.