And diffused nellAmerica northerner, above all in the river basin of the Missisipi. It attends lagos, course dacqua current, ponds and marshes, passing many hours on the rivers.

The sexual dimorfismo

obvious gi in the ransom: the adult females of I do not shave catch up a length of 30 cm while i males very rarely catch up i 15 cm. The male moreover has nails of decidedly long devout the front limbs like practically all the Graptemys.


The species today commercialized less than in past, although features of one enough calm turtle, even a po timid. Exemplary young people can themselves be found with discreet frequency mixed to those of Chrysemys.

In cattivit it has need of a wide acquaterrario with the submergeeedzone equal to 2/3 of the space to disposition. advisable, breeders allaperto in the summery months. Approximately riproduttiva dynamics, information a lot detailed (in nature are not had however ovodeposizione to advanced june and the schiusa in autumn) n turn out succeeded of one some importance in cattivit. One supposes that he is similar to that one of the sort Chrysemys.  


No breeding to signal
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The species pu to be nourished with pesciolini alive or dead men, gamberetti, meat, heart, etc. but also verdura and spinaci lessati, you use to cold. To times extension some difficolt to nellaccettare foods of industrial fabrication, but the devout ones of the times end with ladattarsi.