The Graptemys Ouachitensis has two subspecies the Ouachitensis (photo over) and the Sabinensis (photo under)

Dimensions: males 10-13 cm females 15-23 cm.


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Original of the Sabine river (from here the name of the Sabinensis) that ago from border between Texas and the Luisiana, we can find in the affluents and small lagos to it of the zone, while the Ouachitensis we can find it in the Mississipi river.

The carapace coloration has one brown olive with a little marked geometric design on every scuto, careened on all the length and nearly black the dark relief. The scuti marginal very they are joined and the piastrone yellow it has a geometric design that stretches to fade itself with ET.

The skin the streaked grey body of yellow, also the head that introduces two round yellow spots GO BACK TO LIST the eyes and of the yellow small spot on the inferior side, while the Ouachitensis introduces two strisce yellow to shape of L as the pseudogeographica (tant true once came some considered one subspecies) but with the wide part GO BACK TO LIST locchio much devout and locchio yellow one.

In the photo to right the Ouachitensis on the left the Sabinensis.



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