Dimensions: males 10-13 cm females 14-27 cm.


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Its common name Alabama map turtle from the name of the origin place, but pu to meet itself also in the rivers of the Georgia.

Carapace tondeggiante and flat of color the brown with a light design on the scuti pleurali and marginal, crest much pronounced one of nearly black dark color introduces a fairing centers them with one climbs to every splice of the scuti vertebral forming one.

The scuti marginal they are sfalsati to tooth of saws, and the piastrone yellow and it does not have designs but only five dark lines in the splices of the scuti.

It has the yellow streaked body and gray but it has a wide dark yellow strip that encircles the eyes, that they are very evidences to you, and the advanced part of the skull until to the nose.


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