ORIGIN: Great Britain (Yorkshire, Norfolk)
Height: Pony - from 1,22 m to 1,42 m. Horse - it arrives until 1,60 m
CAPE: Morello, sauro, sauro burnt, bay, very rarely ubero.
Character: E' a lively and vigorous animal, that it employs much force during the job. Physicist: He has one noble head with small orecchie and furnitures. The elegant, light incollatura and maintains one natural arched position. It has a pronounced garrese, wide and muscoloso thorax. Characteristic the sailing point of the trot: ginocchio and the garretto they raise a lot and the front foot comes launch in ahead with a rotatorio movement. The tail high capacity and falls to Fontana.


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The rather recent origin, laughed them in fact to the end of XVIII the century. The stock base from which this race constituted from stalloni Norfolk and Yorkshire Roadster comes down, in which slid blood of Purosangue. Even if its origin does not have n precise points n dates, appears sufficiently clear. Pu not to say the same one as far as the choice of the Hackney name, that it seems to derive from the French term "haquene" that in the Middle Ages was used in order to indicate a modest horse. Therefore the reason is not comprised for which a dispregiativo term, than in its contraction "hack" still today price is used little for the rented horse, currently is attributed to one race appreciated for the elegance and the portamento in the movements.

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