HEIGHT: 160-175 cm

CAPE: Sauro, gray, morello, dark bay with frequent marcature

STANDARD OF RACE: The light head with straight profile even if sometimes extension a heavy head too much and esageratamente lowered, the eyes is alive and intelligent, in elevated position, to "bird head". The high garrese, the proporzionato and rather wide neck, the long and rounded off rump, the lengthened and tilted shoulders, the wide thorax and the limbs are strong and muscolosi with the sturdy hooves much.

HISTORY: Before still of the foundation of the center of the stalloni of Cells, the creation of the supported race had been a lot from reigning. The horse white man of Hannover adorned the blazon of the Ernesto constituent Augusto, and famous the Hannover real color cream, with caffelatte horsehairs, was raises to you in the real residence of the elettrice Sofia. These small horses from shooting were used in the English real cortei from XVII the century until the beginning of the XX. In 1714, when George I, constituent of Hannover, divenne King of England, came imports the Purosangue to you then in order to improve the often little attractive race, but the stalloni founding to fourteen Cells they were Holstein, and this race would have had a preponderant infuence for others trent' years. Later on aument the infuence of the Purosangue English, that they gave devout origin to a light horse and from the free, enough elegant movement to be used for the saddleback and the shooting, but sufficiently strongly for the generic agricultural jobs. The horses of Cells were since record the beginning to you of the 1700's and to first of the 1800's the pedigrees were instituted. The race was decimated during the napoleoniche wars and, when the breeding came red-establish in 1816, they were remained single 30 of the 100 stalloni begins them. They were cos imports other Purosangue and horses to you of the Meclemburgo (the Region where they had been evacuates the Hannover to you di Celle during the war).


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ATTITUDES: They are of international value, skillful in the dressage and exceptional in the jump and are much searches to you in all Europe. They are also good horses from carrozza.

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