tartarughe tartaruga Heosemys spinosa



This Asian turtle a species much particular one, its carapace of color brown with a clear strip devout to the center, characterized from a series of tips on all the perimeter that correspond to the scuti marginal, and its piastrone, anchesso of color brown introduces a radiation to every scuto forming a design that remembers a wicker basket interlaced.
These characteristics in the wild adults us, for stretch to disappear rendering of difficult lidentificazione.
The coloration of the head pu to be grey brown or with a yellowish spot to sides, the grey legs anchesse browns or introduce of the macchiette yellow and have one small palmatura.
And a turtle of medium dimensions that go from i 18 cm of i males to i 22 cm of the females with a weight comprised between the 1,5 kg and the 2 kg

tartarughe tartaruga Heosemys spinosa


Spiny LHeosemys we can find between the south of the Thailandia Malaysia to it and in numerous islands dellIndonesia.


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This turtle alive in the course dacqua of the primary forests, but passes great part of its time in the mud of the underbrush between the leaves in putrefazione. Since the places where it lives are to constant temperature pressoch between the 25 and the 30 these rectums them do not go in letargo.


Considered its habitat difficultly pu to raise this turtle in external smalls lake in our cold months, but possible to make it exclusively in summer.
For lacquaterrario dovr to be much wide one at least 100x40, and considered the land nature of these rectums them, dovr to have unampia dry zone (at least 50% of the total) and the aquatic part dovr to be of one profondit maximum of 10 cm and heated to 25 and equipped of a good mechanical and biological filtering.
The dry zone must in any case have a gravel substrate covered from one layer of fresh moss or torba a material that pu to maintain a good degree dumidit.
Since lHeosemys rectums them to crepuscolare advisable to use like heating lamp a light bulb to infrared so as to not to disturb to lanimale with an excessive light and this it must have a such power from being able to guarantee one external temperature of approximately a 28-30 and fotoperiodo of 12 hours, lumidit relative dellambiente dovr to be around to 80% for this opportune one having one covered bathtub and nebulizzare the dry part periodically (at least 2 times to week) in order to simulate subtropicali rains.
An in any case necessary tube UVA-B for the metabolism of the D3 vitamin.
For the aforesaid ones this turtle adviced against to a breeder to the first crews reasons.

tartarughe tartaruga Heosemys spinosa


Spiny LHeosemys in nature pressoch vegetarian, but in cattivit pu occasionally nourishing it with alimony animals in any case only the adult exemplary.
The range of the vegetables that we can offer to these turtles, above all goes from the tomatoes (a lot appreciate from the young devout exemplary) to the insalate ones (lattuga, rughetta).
Limportante the variet of food, this of continuation a directory of vegetables that we can give to the turtle calmly:
Tooth of lion, fungi, cicoria, spinaci, zucca, strawberries, peach, banana, tomato, lattuga roman, mirtillo.
These rectums them much timid and suspicious one for this reason if it did not have to eat insured to you that nellacquaterrario there is the possibilit to consume the not disturbed hidden food from our presence.
If lanimale in the first days of permanence it does not eat hydrates it frequently to you, offritegli the food the evening and controlled if be eaten in the night the successive evening replaced the remained food, for this reason, above all in the first months, opportune to weigh frequently the turtle in order to hold under control the increase.

tartarughe tartaruga Heosemys spinosa

Anorexia and other problems

Com be gi pointed out, one of the main problems begins them nelbreeders of this turtle consists nellanoressia. LHeosemys many sensitive to lanimale stresses and easy that refusals to eat for the bad conditions dbreeders of the traders or for stress of the travel.
Important fargli to find an atmosphere classified where pu to hide and calm life can lead one.
LHeosemys much sensitive one to you adorned to you internal perci advisable to control periodically I made dellanimale them for the presence of you adorned with one disc of a valve to you dingrandimento.


The period of the reproduction goes from December to February, the mechanism dellaccoppiamento pu to be primed spraying the two turtles with water, this rain excites the male who chases the female nellacqua where he is coupled.
The female deposits 1 or 2 eggs and after a period of approximately 106 days the schiusa is had if the land where they have been placed maintains the just degree dumidit and of temperature between the 28 and the 30.
Levento for pu considering itself exceptional in rarest cases has been had of the births in cattivit.

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