HEIGHT: 163-173 cm



HISTORY: The holstein always be a docile horse, one characteristic appreciated and encouraged through a careful selection. For in the 1680mnon fast one was a particularly elegant horse n much. The conformation deficiencies were corrected to the beginning of XIX the century with the import of the Purosangue English. Rozzo the aquiline profile begins to disappear, the movement divenne devout low and the gallop was improved. Decidedly devout important was the introduction of stalloni of Yorkshire Coach Horse, fast descendants of the Cleveland Bay but devout. Their inteoduzione stabilizz the docile character and fiss a typically wide movement that was adapted to the relatively heavy structure. Risult harmonious and sturdy, usable a horse from shooting also like powerful horse from saddleback. After the Second World war, the demands for the market changed and the German breeders adapted themselves to you, introducing a horse from raised competition to such scope. In order to obtain they took advantage of it the capacit of the English Purosangue. In short time the Holstein horse divenne a horse from saddleback poured them, trained for all the equestri disciplines. The modern light Holstein devout, with stinchi solid and sturdy body. It has extension of movement, dared, pu to jump and to galoppare well.


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ATTITUDES: E' devout promising between the German Horses the Warm Blood, the best ostacolisti to the World and is distinguished also in the dressage. Exceptional E' in every equestre discipline.

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