ORIGIN: It does not have a specific lease, perch in origin came purposely produced for the hunting in the countries where it came exercised this practical one.
Height: From 1,64 m to 1,65 m. Often much devout high is found also, to second of the crossings from which it comes.
CAPE: Present E' in all varying with the relative shadings, also the pezzato one, even though in minimal percentage.
Character: It is born as horse from hunting and therefore its main characteristics are the affidabilit, the resistance and the courage. Thanks to its large one capacit to learn and its disponibilit, obtain optimal turn out to you in many equestri disciplines.
Physicist: The head pu to introduce reading and fine characteristics of the English Purosangue or those harmonicas of the Irish Draught. Neck, shoulders and chest are very design to you and strong. The wide thorax for being able to contain the cardiac apparatus, than in these subjects turns out a lot developed. This great development concurs it to resist, nearly without to get tired itself, to five hours of trot or gallop. The limbs are very conform to you and thin. The wide and solid foot. To second of the characteristics of the land in which it lives, the Hunter introduces of the various characteristics from other subjects that belong to this category, but that they do not live with the same environmental conditions them. As an example if it comes employed in the shooting of the plow, and therefore on heavy lands, avr one sturdy corporation devout and avr one greater resistance regarding a light horse. Instead on a light land, a Purosangue or deriving to strike a heavy horse clearly. In the competitions the Hunter comes judged for sailing points, particularly comfortable, aspect and behavior.


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The race of the Hunter, been born as horse from hunting (its name means "horse properly hunter"), has endured various morphologic changes in passing of last the 150 years as a result of various crossings. The created stock for first derived from fattrici of Irish Draught and stalloni of English Purosangue. To second of the percentage of blood of these two breeds the mezzosangue are had, the three quarters of blood and the seven eighth of blood. Currently the Hunter comes employs to you in various specialit of equestri sports, above all in the suit and in the jump obstacles where it has brought back optimal it turns out to you in the contests of all the world. We have three categories of this race, than they differ to second of the tonnage of the subject taking in consideration the weight of the knight who pu to be carried in saddleback: light weight, until 79 kilograms (Lightweight Hunter); medium weight, from 79 to 89 kilograms (Middleweight Hunter); the maximum weight, beyond the 89 kilograms (Heavyweight Hunter); finally there are the "Hunter small", reserves you to the women, that they come selects to you like such to second of the height, than varied from 1,42 m to 1,52 m.

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