Echinococcus Granulosus

The cycle of life of the Echinococcus granulosus includes the dogs (and other canines) like definitive host and one large variet of vertebrati (ovine, in hot blood bovine, the goats and the beings human) like intermediate host. The adult exemplary are many courts, usually only consisting of three proglottidi(lunghezza total = 3-6 millimeters) and live in first part dellintestino of the dog. The eggs are freed through made them of the host and when these eggs are ingested from the intermediate host schiudono in the first internal feature of the host. The larve they penetrate the wall of the intestine and enter in the circolatorio system. The larve they can be to distribute itself in all the body of the intermediate host (even if the greater part goes to localize itself in the liver) and to develop in one called phase idatidea cyst. The idatidee cysts have the capacit to develop themselves becoming enough large; the cysts of the dimensions of a ball from golf are not rare while devout rare they are those that they catch up the dimensions of a football from soccer. The pathology connected with the idatidea disease in the intermediate host depends on the format of the cyst and the relative position. Or two small cysts in the liver of a host can pass unnoticed for years. However, one single great cyst in the liver pu to demonstrate mortal them. The idatidea disease much devout serious one when the cysts are found in other positions, especially the brain (sees under).

The infection comes transmitted to the definitive host when the idatidea cyst comes eaten.

This devout species of common parasite in the zones of the world in which the dogs they are used in order to lead the sheep. The disease much rare one in the human beings, however if luomo it comes contagiato these parasatisms pu to provoke serious damages to the central nervous system them until carrying a.morte lospite.

The inside of a idatidea cyst stracolmo "of protoscolici" (singular = protoscoli), everyone of which has the capacit to develop itself in adult parasite once ingested from a canide. One small cyst pu to contain hundred of protoscolici one great cyst pu to contain of tens migliaia! This tremendous one upgrades them riproduttivo proposes a problem in the intermediate host (especially in human beings). If the breach of cysts of idatidee is had, every protoscolice could develop in one new idatidea cyst with the obvious irreparabili damages that this pu to provoke. How pu to happen to us? A violent blow to the abdomen pu to break off one cyst in the liver.


Just for the particular one gravit of the disease nelluomo, the idatidosi do not go underrated and however adhering itself to simple measures of prevention possible to defend itself:

  • to always deal the dogs with effective anthelmintics against cestodi at least the two times the year and under the directed control and GO BACK TO LIST council of the confidence veterinary;
  • to wash accurately the origin alimony vegetable to consume raw;

  • to contribute to the fight to the randagismo understanding like educational process that allows to make to stop or at least to reduce the incivile abandonment of the dogs.
  • to avoid contacts hygienically scorretti with the just animal one like as an example is made to leccare the ace, consentirgli to be on the bed, the divani etc.


Anatomy and biological cycle of Echinococcus Granulosus.

  1. adult shape (many exemplary nellintestino of the dog);

  2. lultima proglottide it is detached and it exited with I made them of the dog

  3. eggs

  4. nellospite intermediate that has ingested eggs or proglottidi free the larva esacanta

  5. developed young person cisticerco from the larva esacanta that entered in blood circle fixing then in some organ (liver, lung, brain, etc.) dellospite intermediate;

  6. cisticerco the gem others cisticerchi and ingrossa

  7. the gemmazione of others cisticerchi and also of vescicole continues forming itself cos one large cysts or idatide

  8. in the dog that has eaten a brandello of cysts of an infested Mammal the protoscolici gi have begun to develop themselves in small tenie

  9. divided copy gi in proglottidi (also ladulto has only 3-4 proglottidi).