That cos?

From the 1991 obligatory one to declare and to record the possession of a dog near canine lanagrafe of the own ASL of residence.

At first this involved lassegnazione of a letter code and figures tatuato allinterno dellorecchio or in the thigh of the dog, hour passes you to a new system of identification electronic: microchip (or microtransponder). . Il microchip   one very small capsulina of biocompatibile material, than does not provoke to no refusal n annoyance, of 11mm of length and 2,1mm of diameter.

It comes iniettato sottocute with unapposita sterile syringe and monouso in the region to retroauricolare left, little second and without pain perch oblique lago and extremely sharpenned. From l its made surface is not moved perch so as to to berth definitively in sottocute, what that happens after some hours, perci for 24/48 hours not touched the center diniezione.

It has many advantages:

  • truly painless lapplicazione and does not demand anesthesia; perci pu to put on the young dogs also of ransom much small and to old dogs
  • it does not fade with the time, as it could happen with the tatuaggio
  • junior clerk in an easy controlable zone with an appropriate reader (scanner) that in possession of all the veterinaries who operate in outpatients' department and of the Service Veterinaries ASL, beyond that of the canili of shelter of the dogs randagi

The passive microchip, poich remains in the sottocute without to emit marks them: ago only when it comes activated from a reader   and for the least ones of the search; then it transmits marks them that it comes decoded from the reader in the identificativo code of the dog (code composed from 15 numbers), only to the exclusive world and of quellanimale.

The code indicates:

  • the country in which allanimale be iniettato the chip
  • the producer of the chip
  • last the 6 numbers identify lanimale

Sure a method:

  • devout reliable, perch law is not counterfeited perfectly and
  • devout practical, poich it easily does not demand anesthesia and law also in little docile animals
  • devout international, for lunicit guaranteed of every number
  • moreover not discharge never.


To what it serves?

The code of identification of Your bound together dog sar to the name of a person, which sar recognized like dellanimale owner. For this reason you have is straight is of the duties in its confronts.

All the relative data you to the dog of Yours propriet enter in one data bank for only regional hour, but, in a near future, national, in order to facilitate its identification and the ritrovamento of the owner in loss case.


They go chiappati just all the dogs, also those small, also those that A lot are always in house and not see them nobody, but, ahim, quellunica time who forgiveness throw us of the desperation, and anch those too much old. Not there are limits of ET for the michrochip!

Moreover, a LAW OBLIGATION relative to the possession of a dog.

Only excluded: the dogs with perfectly leggibile tatuaggio. If the tatuaggio not law devout, we put the chip!

If smarrito a dog, denunciatene the passing within 3 days to the Service Veterinary ASL.

If found a dog, also without tatuaggio or chip, you must signal it to the Service Veterinary ASL, to withhold it without to signal considered it theft , perseguibile and sanzionabile for law.


Dott.ssa Daniela Peacock for the G3A

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