The pastoncino

This month we do not speak about the usual things to construct but of something equally useful and cio the animal food for ours uccellini, this food turns out not solo advised in but quite indispensable in it determines periods to you of the year

The animal food a food of simple preparation constituted of egg, bread mostly grattugiato, and biscotti milled; Nearly always they join also of the other useful substances that they vary to second of the requirements and the habits of the breeders. Between innumerevoli prescriptions ve of it we advise one of easy preparation and practically always appreciate to from all the uccellini from cage and voliera constituted from two parts of red duovo hard, a part of biscotto dry milled and one of bread I confirm grattugiato with laggiunta advised of grattugiata carrot and of apple juice in order to render sufficiently soft and humid the baby food we can then add of seeds of niger a lot appreciates to you from the canaries above all and dellinsalata cut pezzettini smallest.  

The practically indispensable animal food for breeders of the nidiacei, but turns out useful the somministrazione, also every day during all the period dellanno but above all, during the season of the dumb one and in the cold season. And a lot important to accustom the canarina to nourish itself of the animal food before the birth of the nidiacei; in this way the danger is avoided that the nutrice refusals the new food that comes to it only proposed at the moment of the schiusa of eggs and tries to raise the small with the single seeds that nearly turn out always insufficient for the good resolution of the brooded one.

The animal food pu also to become rich with of the vitamins and of knows them mineral or with the complete integrators that we will find easy in any store of animals