The terrario

A simple terrario for our turtles we can gain it from an old Aquarius, a lot important is the heating and lilluminazione. If draft of tropical turtles, then the container must obligatorily be heated so that the temperature allinterno of the terrario is gone around between 25-28 C. For the subtropicali and nostrane turtles sufficient to hold them ambient temperature of one heated house. In order to heat a terrario, what that pu to become necessary mainly during linverno, exists various methods. Pu to use one lamp to infrared beams; for relatively small terrari also one filament lamp mails in an angle. Other system that one to place a heating one from bottom under the lettiera; this solution introduces however a disadvantage since all the turtles easy move the sand or the earth entering in contact with the thread of heating the ustionandosi. To times pu to assist itself to the attempt of some animal of morsicare this thread with the relative risk of a short circuit. Sar therefore much best to predispose this thread between a double hull opportunely constructed. Unaltra solution luso of a heating one for Aquarius placed allinterno of one container dacqua. As far as lilluminazione, the turtles have need of ultraviolet beams, in other words of the sun perch only thanks to beams UV their organism in a position to synthetizing the soccer that indispensable for the construction not only of the skeleton, but also of the carapace. In the modern apartments nearly impossible to assure unesposizione to the sun of the terrario in such way that the sun catches up the animals directly, perch gi a simple glass of the interposed window absorbs the overwhelming majority of the ultraviolet beams. This means that it must be resorted to methods crafts them or must try to at least carry our turtles for some hours, on the terrazzo for esporle to the sun. In order to avoid, in the limits of possible the these problems, pu first of all to rerun to unilluminazione with lamps type from Aquarius who, for one small part, irradiates also ultraviolet beams. Sar however indispensable unesposizione under one special ultraviolet lamp.

Larredamento of a terrario for turtles depends naturally on the species that want themselves to be raised, to second cio that features of land, swampy or aquatic turtles. Only in terrari enough large, where it is the land part that that aquatic one catches up remarkable dimensions, pu to try itself to hold with two types of turtles or also all and three. Advisable, for one otherwise devout simple maintenance, to dedicate to every turtle a special terrario. The dimensions, like said, must naturally be in relation to the largeness of the animals accommodate to you. In this case it does not have to be only thought next to their dimensions at the moment dellacquisto, even if the increase of the turtles enough slow. When it is estimated the largeness of the terrario must be considered a medium measure of the tartarugh being based on the raggiungibili maximum measures indicated in the specialistic literature. Other factor important naturally the exemplary number to accommodate in the terrario.


Old Aquarius can themselves be used opportunely adapt to you; pu also to construct itself of the terrari he is in crystal that in slab of plexiglas.
In the construction of terrari for turtles to consider the necessit to guarantee to the animals continuous a reciprocation daria, allinterno of the container, change that must happen in such way not to create of the currents daria or the spifferi, what that could cause of the colds, much dangerous disease for all the rectums them. Equally dangerous for laria tinning in a container watertight closed. For this reason opportune to cover the single terrario in part with a cover and to cover instead the remaining part with one net   of plastic to of over of which pu applying for some hours the lamp to ultraviolet beams. If then this opening corresponds with the zone predisposed for the rest to earth of the animals, has caught up a nearly perfect furnishing of our terrario.
It goes held present that these animals not only have however necessit of drink, but also to enter every a lot nellacqua. All these containers for, also that one for the aquatic turtles, must not have a advanced level dacqua to two times laltezza of the carapace of the turtle. If they keep entirety turtles of several dimensions, then opportune to place some it is known, devout or less high, in the container dellacqua so that also the small devout turtles can catch up nellacqua of the points not too much deep. This precaution is explained with the fact that all the turtles must breathe laria and they cannot, but little species, to swim to along sottacqua. Daltra leaves theirs galleggiabilit reduced much and for this a too much deep container could quite provoke the dead women of our hosts, also of that species who generally are considered aquatic, for drowning. Unultima
observation as far as larredamento of the terrari: Useless to emphasize the fact that the testuggini in kind they are much devout strong of how much seem, perci they not only move with relative facilit the bottom, but they move also knows and other pieces of decoration of not indifferent size. This above all perch our hosts are just stubborn and continue to dig or to press for along time on the same point. He explains to us as relatively small animals succeed to unravel a furnishing of considerable not devout dimensions if this that sturdy. Perci nothing shaking constructions or is known supports to you luno over laltro. Concrete use or silicones in order to hold with the several constructions is made. However not opportune glue or to cement larredamento directly on the bottom or the walls perch to times a pulizia becomes indispensable deepened and consequently it must itself be able to pull outside all from terrario