It calls Mine, has three years, probably, and arrived the giorn or 12 May 2007 from a canile of the Italy center, thanks to an Association that has carried it to the North, from its new landlady.

When arrived Mine it poured in the most serious one be of denutrizione with marked dimagramento, dehydration, otite purulent with necrosis of the auricular pavilions, keratoconjunctivitis and cecit, plagues are diffused and alopeciana1, depression of the sensorio and lack of appetite.

Nobody knows for how much time Mine has been in these conditions allinterno of the canile before being captured, carried in a clinical one of the Italy center where it has received the first cures and finally lead from its new owner.

Many years of voluntary service in canile prepare to you to face situations of every kind, situations of bestialit human that upset on poor defenseless beings but the thing worse lindifferenza

The thing that devout rattrista to know that My solo to us one of the many, too many dogs that they pour in conditions deprived of hope in many canili dItalia.

We have stopped to believe that, perhaps a day, the laws will arrive truly to guardian these defenseless small but we ahead go thanks to the force that Angels as the small Mine transmits to us, an only force that has allowed it to survive in spite of the most serious infections that have had it.

Today the 13 June 2007 and My alive one; a lot probably its eyes will not be able devout to see, its orecchie will not be able devout to feel but alive he and are improving, day after day, slowly, step after step even if its devout serious ones hurt will always remain in its small cuoricino.

The heart is torn to you to see it l, piccolino, rolled up on its ossicina, and impotent of forehead to who it has been able to make questoma all that every day You continuations the many marked situations sapete that this realt exists and that often above our real ones possibilit of action.

Affinch the suffering and the sacrifice of Mine and many other defenseless ones are not vain we, we that indeed we believe ourselves, have the duty to continue in order to defend the rights of those who have not defended, in order to respect the pain of those who do not have words!!

Chiss perhaps a day